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The Best of Otis

Dec. 23, 2002



Question: Do you think Anthony Gray will play LB or DE? If he plays LB, do you think he will play in the middle or outside?


Otis Kirk: If he grows to a certain weight, don't know if its 260 or what, he will be a DE, if not he will likely be a MLB. One wildcard to keep in mind with Anthony is I have always believed he could be a heck of a tight end. He is 6-3 1/, 228, 4.82 right now so he would have to put on that much weight to be a TE.


Question: Does anyone know what happened in Kharylake Martin's recruiting? At one time this summer Otis stated that Martin and Jorrie Adams were the closest to Shawn Andrews he had seen on tape. I trust the coaches decision in parting ways with him, just curious about what might have happened.


Otis Kirk: I did not post that Kharylake was not any good. Kharylake was injured when he came to the Seniors Camp at Arkansas. He says his coach told him not to participate in certain drills. When he refused to do those drills then it got Markuson questioning his attitude I think. I don't think he communicated to Mike that his coach didn't want him doing the drills. He was hurt, so the drills he did do he didn't look that good at. I think during his unofficial visit to Arkansas for the Bama game that he and Markuson just agreed to disagree. While some have ripped Kharylake now, you've never read it on these boards from me and never will. I wish Kharylake nothing but the best .


Question: Hogs are running out of numbers. If they want 2 TE's, 1 more OT, 4 more DL, 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 more WR, at least 2 more DB's, 1 more LB. How many scholarships are still available and what positions will they go to? Is DS really going on scholarship out of high school?


Otis Kirk: They're not putting Goode on scholarship out of high school. The Hogs have 14 commits, but I'm betting 2 of those don't make it. That leaves 10 scholies. One for a QB, 1 maybe for a TB, 1 for a WR, 2 for a TE, 1-2 for OL, 3 for DL (they want six and they have 3 without Marcus Harrison), 1 CB, 1 FS. I see no need to add another LBer, they have 2 already, Davis and Gray.


Question: Will there be room for Tommy Blake? Is there any interest on his part?


Otis Kirk: I've had 2 or 3 stories on him and his interest in Arkansas. The Hogs lead, but I just don't know if they will have a scholarship for him by the time he visits … probably, but not certain.


Question: Will Zach Green from Conyers, GA visit Arkansas? What TE's do we have the best shot at? A TE or two is crucial with this class. Are we still on Templeton and McKenzie?


Otis Kirk: Zach Green, Tremayne Standberry and Mason Templeton all plan to be at UA on Jan. 17 weekend. Green is down to UA, Georgia Tech and Clemson, Standberry is looking at LSU, Arkansas and a couple of others while Templeton has the Hogs No.1 on his list. McKenzie has about zero chance of qualifying, but I think UA plans to place him. They are also trying to place the 3 big linemen at Fraysier who have no grades as well. Everyone I have talked with says Templeton is another Joe Dean Davenport. Right now, Mason is 6-7, 230, and 4.8. THey think he will play at 280 or so.

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