Commentary: Nutt at the Controls

Some have asked for an apology from the head coach for the way Arkansas performed in the Music City Bowl. I don't wait for apologies. I just wait to see what's next with this football program and where Houston Nutt will take it.

Those that think that Houston Nutt is deflecting anything away from his authority are mistaken. He is at the controls of the offense, the defense and the special teams. This is his team. He is a hands-on coach. The offense is his and the defense is his. They are running a combination of the defense that he has always used, an eight-man front with man coverage and a safety that plays the run. It's what he wants and that's what the Hogs are doing.

I will say this; these are his players, too. He recruited them. He coached them. This is HIS team in every respect. He's had time to get the players he wants on the field and the coaches he wants to coach them.

When he says the defense didn't play, I think some figure he's putting it on someone else. Naw. It's his defense. He's the head coach.

I do see where he could step up and say it's all my fault. But, we already know it's his fault if they don't win.

I know that people want him to "apologize" and say it's his fault. But, I already know that. It's always the fault of the head coach. Always.

If the team loses, the head coach is responsible. It goes as a loss on his record. It stays there forever. It doesn't change. It doesn't go besides the name of any assistant coach, only Houston Nutt.

I know that. He knows that. He is responsible and that's the bottom line.

I've always thought it sounded pitiful and sad when a coach issues a public apology. I never, never want to hear my coach apologize.

What I do want to hear is what is going to be done to fix the problems. I haven't heard much of that. I want to see problem solving and understand what is going to change. If I could hear that, I'd be happy. And, I don't want to hear any sad apology like I heard from Ken Hatfield and Danny Ford. I was sick to my stomach listening to either one of them apologize.

Having said all of this, I didn't think this season was so bad. The only games that really disappointed me were Kentucky and Minnesota. The others went pretty much to what I thought was form. And, there were several games that I thought the team over achieved, most notably Tennessee, Auburn and Ole Miss. The rest were dogfights and I expected this team to be in dogfights all year, no matter the opposition.

I figured our defensive line and inside linebackers were green and weak and that proved accurate. I figured we were weak at several spots in the offensive line, especially center and left guard, and that proved accurate. I knew we had no tight end. And, once it was obvious that Matt Jones lacked his true jets that we were going to have a hard time making big plays with our wide receivers. That proved accurate, too.

I hoped like heck that we could somehow get to 8-4 and get to a bowl. I was stunned when the team won six straight to get to 9-3 with an SEC West title. That one blindsided me. I didn't think that could happen.

What happened in the bowl game was just as much a stunner as going 9-3. Minnesota is no great team. We all know that.

Now, all I want to know is what is the plan for the future. I don't want any apologies. I just want to know the plan.

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