Post-Spring Depth Chart Released

Bobby Petrino set the post-spring football depth chart on Friday. There were no big surprises -- with Ryan Mallett listed as the first-string quarterback as expected. Here is the complete depth chart, plus some thoughts from publisher Clay Henry.

Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino set the post-spring depth chart on Friday. As expected, Ryan Mallett was listed as the first teamer at quarterback. Those that played with the first unit in the spring game, held their spots.

I think the fullback order might surprise a few people based on the long run Mitchell Bailey had early in the spring, but Stumon was a really good blocker, especially late. I think Stumon might have found his niche, finally. Having said that, you will see Stumon and Bailey play in different situations. Stumon is a better blocker, Bailey is a little quicker and might have better hands.

Based on what defensive coordinator Willy Robinson said to the media the last week of spring drills, I'm not surprised to see Bret Harris with the backups at strong linebacker. I think Harris has found his niche and will only get better. Matt Marshall is still learning that position, but is a fine athlete and is going to grow some more.

Where you'll see dogfights in the summer and fall will be at defensive end where Jake Bequette will have to continue to fight to stay ahead of Damario Ambrose and possibly Tenerius Wright, too. Ambrose and Wright are going to be fine players. If Bequette continues to add weight (and he most likely will) there is also an option of putting him inside to maximize pass rush. He likely will be a 290 guy before he's done.

Patrick Jones is making a nice move in the defensive front and will get plenty of playing time. He knows both taqckle and nose and can play both well.

Weakside guard is a spot that will continue to have competition. Cook and Oxner are going to fight a good battle there in the fall. That COULD be a place where a freshman figures into a depth situation if one of the both don't step up.

I will watch the safety battles closely. None of them have a lock on a spot and that goes for strong and free safety. We are certain to see new faces in those battles after the newcomers arrive in the summer. Anthony Leon and Rudell Crim are going to get strong looks at both of those spots. And, we might see Elton Ford, a starter until his neck injury, make a push, too.

Matt Harris and Tramain Thomas both had some good moments in the spring, but also gave up plays, too. If I was Harris and Thomas, it would be good that they have a good summer and fall camp. They will need all of these safeties, I think, and most will be able to help in special teams.

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