Spurrier Admits It, Then Apologizes

HOOVER, Ala. — The culprit has been found and apologized profusely for his mistake Friday.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said at Southeastern Conference Media Days that he was the one who didn't vote Florida's Tim Tebow his All-SEC quarterback Friday — sort of.

Spurrier said his director of football operations filled out the form. Spurrier glanced at it and approved it. But it didn't take long until he realized it was an error that he would regret.

"I'm embarrassed about what happened," Spurrier said. "I really am. I'm embarrassed. It shouldn't have happened. I apologized to Tim and all Gators that it happened. ... I have no reason to not say anything or to slight Tim Tebow or the Gators."

Spurrier, who won a Heisman Trophy as a quarterback at Florida and also coached the Gators to a national title, went so far as to say he called SEC officials and asked to change his vote when he realized the mistake. It was approved, meaning Tebow is now a unanimous member of the team.

But Spurrier spent much of his time at the podium explaining the mistake and how the voting process has, and should, work among SEC coaches. Spurrier never has filled out his preseason form in 17 years, leaving someone on staff to handle the job.

The mistake dominated conversation this week.

"It was something that just happened," Spurrier said. "I feel badly about it. In fact, I didn't sleep worth a dang last night thinking about it. But it's history. I'm trying to correct it the best I can."

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