Best of Otis Kirk, 1/17

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Recruiting Update: Best of Otis for 1-17-03

Tight Ends...

Rayzabacker: Why did Joe Sanders, TE from Hillsboro, fall off the Hawg's recruiting radar?
Otis: No Grades, as in core grades are an issue.


Uahogsfan: On safety prospect Corey Campbell, Do you feel like we're still in the lead for Corey Campbell? It seems like his high school coach had a connection with David Lee. I hope the loss of Coach Lee doesn't cause Corey to go elsewhere.
Otis: Campbell's high school coach Lynch was David's cousin and he will still try to help Arkansas. Corey says UA leads, I guess we''ll see in a week or two.


Mikepyn: On WR/Ath recruit Syndic Steptoe, Have we offered and, if so, do you think we get him away from Arizona? Also, is he being recruited as a WR or an athlete?
Otis: I think they will take Syndric and they're recruiting him as a WR now.

Dieselhawg: On wide receivers known as "burners", With Smith expected to got to the volunteers,do we have a shot at Harrell from Ga? Also, don't you think marvelous Marvin could be that man as well, if they would move him?
Otis: Bret smith isn't a burner, he's a very good WR, but not a burner. Harrell doesn't have the grades. Steptoe and Baker have really good speed and Willie Hordge can outrun them all if he makes his grades.


Mikepyn: Is OL Recruit Eddy Parker visting this weekend, and if he wants to commit do the Hawgs accept the commitment?
Otis: He is visiting and my understanding was even though he had been offered UA was going to cancel his visit unless they were prepared to sign him if he committed. If my source on that was right, then yes they will sign him if they can.


Rayzabacker: How does one read what is going on with DE/DL recruit Ivora Hall? He was MVP lineman of the HDN camp last summer, but oes not have a scholarship offer yet?
Otis: Coach Nutt offered him Monday is what the kid told me last night. He should commit to Hogs following Memphis visit.

Bruhog: On the bigtime DL recruits..Does it look like XLK and Bryant are headed to A&M now? What is Fitch and Monty waiting on to pull the trigger? They have been seemingly wanting to committ, but not quite, for a while now. Is there a reason or are they just wanting to make sure we are the place for them? Do you think they will take any more visits after this weekend?
Otis: I've pretty much always thought Joseph and Jorrie were headed to College Station, I know they were before the coaching change, they really liked Slocum. XLK is hard to read. Fitch will be a Hog and I think it will come to Hogs and Tennessee for Montgomery, but he is at A&M this weekend and they could be a factor.

Youdaman: I hate to ask, but how will the loss of DL coach Kacy Rodgers affect our DL recruiting? My first gut reaction is this could be devastating but I got to thinking about it and could this end up being a good thing! by that i mean it should show recruits,that hey the pros know where UA is and know they have quality coaches 3 in 2 years have gone on.
Otis: I honestly thought Rodgers leaving would kill the UA's DL recruiting, I had posted something similar. However, after talking to nearly everyone of the DL recruits last night that isn't the case since Rodgers wasn't the primary recruiter on any of them except the 2 Arizona kids. They're still visiting as well and I will be surprised if UA doesn't land Braker.

Bruhog: Are Juco DL prospects Montgomery and Fitch visiting Texas A&M this weekend? When can we possible hear something on where they will go? Also, haven't heard much on V8ince Redd since his visit. What is the latest on Vince Redd?
Otis: Montgomery is visiting A&M, Fitch is visiting Texas Tech. Redd is at South Carolina this weekend, will likely head to Tennessee next weekend and then announce for the Volunteers.


Highway00: Is the commitment of Landon Leach going to hurt our chances with landing Robert Johnson? I remember an article where he said that one of the reasons he liked Arkansas was because we weren't recruiting any other QBs. Then a few minutes later I read that we had offered Leach.
Otis: I too like Robert Johnson, but if he decides to go elsewhere I will just wish him good luck like I would have Leach. Competition flows freely at any good school and Arkansas is no different, but its always a risk to sign 2 QBs in one year. I haven't talked with him since Leach committed, I don't think it will make any difference, but if it does then it just does is my feelings.

General recruiting info..

GGHog: Are you as optimistic about the class now as you were before the coaching moves? Do you think Coach Nutt will name either replacement before signing day?
Otis: HDN may have the QB coach in place by next weekend, I haven't talked to him about the DL coach yet. Like I've said, losing the coaches according to the kids hasn't hurt as much as I thought.

Hogustus Ceaser: Will Hogs offer Bama kids coming in this weekend?
Otis: I honestly don't know at this time. I doubt they take them, but I may be wrong.

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