Friday Grid Tidbits, 8/21

Tidbits from Friday's University of Arkansas football practice as the squad prepares for an open scrimmage on Saturday morning.

Tidbits from Friday morning's football practice. Full story will be up later.

• Former quarterback Jim Youngblood has been moved to tight end this morning.

Marques Wade was in his normal spot over with the bikes. Anthony Leon was also still on the injured list. Both David Gordon and Rudell Crim wore yellow non-contact jerseys, but went through their reps and team work.

• Per Robbie who talked to Tim Horton, Broderick Green was able to come to the meetings today, but still not able to practice. At one point, he had 103 degree temperature so they are being careful. Again, it is NOT swine flu. That test was negative.

• Although they were media were told to not ask the players about the fights yesterday (like we would listen anyway), many of them talked about it on their post-practice interviews anyway.

Basically tempers were heated, competition is good and they all love each other.

• DeMarcus Love - one of the combatants - did not work with the first OL unit early, but was there midway through practice.

• Both Ryan Mallett and Tyler Wilson were very sharp today. They have both picked it up from the early practices. Both hit deep passes for touchdowns and were accurate on their other routes except for...

• the one interception that safety Jerell Norton picked off of Wilson. it's clear as long as he is going forward, he is a much better secondary guy.

Arkansas DC Willy Robinson said he is working to get Gordon and Darius Winston ready to play and then make a decision. He notes they are better in the run game right now than the passing one.

• He also noted that Gatson was running first-team CB, but that he considered that spot still open and that Crim could be moved to field corner once he gets back from his injury.

• Crim's injury is some soreness in his neck.

• Coach Robinson made clear that he brought Leon and Crim in here to start and the only thing that would keep them from doing so is conditioning, learning the system and not being on the practice field.

He expects them both to be doing so later this season, just doesn't know what point.

• Loves the way Tremain Thomas has taken over the strong safety spot. While a very shy guy, he has become vocal in yelling out the calls, etc.

• The players are calling the defense "The Red Swarm." While it would be inaccurate to say they deserve that name yet, it is the philosophy that Coach Robinson is trying to get across - all 11 swarm to the ball.

It works in with the tap that hat wristbands they are wearing as are the defensive coaches.

• Coach Robinson also mentioned that Norton could move back to corner if needed, but he likes him better at safety. He is a guy that could play boundary, field, both safety spots and the nickle. So he is like a utility infielder in baseball that is being prepared to provide depth at all positions.

• Talked to new walk on running back Gerry Grace's parents this morning. They report he is 6-0, 232 pounds and his nickname is Truck.

So that means Arkansas has a Tank (Tenarius Wright) and a Truck (Grace).

• From what I am hearing, Kareem Crowell's injuries may just have him going the medical scholarship route at which point his college career would thus be over.

• This was the only practice on Friday as two-a-days were over - technically as of Tuesday.

• Saturday's scrimmage is open and begins at 8:45. Fan Day starts at noon with the players signing autographs at 3-5.

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