Practice Report

First Down Arkansas running back Broderick Green wasn't just sidelined with a fever last week.

The sophomore, who missed five practices, said he was dealing with pneumonia.

Green returned to the practice field for the first time in a week Tuesday. He first felt like something was wrong after struggling in Arkansas' first full scrimmage on Aug. 15. Green told the Razorbacks he wasn't feeling well and found out why.

"My head was hurting and I didn't feel good," Green said. "I felt hot ... and I couldn't sleep at night. I was sweating and I knew it was something. When I said something about it, I found out I had pneumonia."

Green said the illness took a toll on him physically. He never required hospitalization because it was detected early, but Green did lose 8 pounds — dropping from 242 to 234.

Green had recovered enough to rejoin the Razorbacks during Tuesday's practice and is trying to work his way back into the rotation in the backfield. But Green — who still figures to have a place in the mix — admitted to feeling out of shape. "I didn't have the energy at all," Green said. "Of course, it's from missing a couple of days. I'm getting back into the motions, but it was pretty tough."

Two-Minute Drill

• Wide receiver London Crawford returned to practice after missing much of last week with a leg injury. But Crawford continued to walk with a noticeable limp after practice.

• Receiver Joe Adams appears to be the front-runner for the punt return job — at least in his mind. Special teams coordinator John L. Smith said Adams had a message after his 85-yard touchdown during Saturday's scrimmage.

"He said, ‘Coach, I'm your guy, right?'" Smith said. "As quick as he looked, he kind of looked like the guy."

• Smith has not made a decision on which punter — Briton Forester or Dylan Breeding — will step on the field for the opener. Smith said he's leaning toward Forester because of his experience, but joked that it might not be either.

"Right now if you had to make a decision, I think I'll probably punt," Smith said. "And that's not very good."

• With the fall semester underway, the Razorbacks welcomed 19 walk-ons to the practice field Tuesday. The group is headlined by freshman quarterback Derek Hatcher, who played at Ridgeview (Fla.) High last season.

Inside Scoop

Arkansas guard Mitch Petrus is entering his fifth season with the Razorbacks. That means the senior has been around long enough to know something about the first practice after classes begin.

"It is always a little sluggish," Petrus said.

Petrus said that was the case Tuesday and his assessment was echoed by many Razorbacks as they left the field.

It was the first workout since Saturday's lengthy scrimmage and the first since school began Monday. It also was the first practice of the preseason that wasn't open to the public. The media was permitted to watch the first 20 minutes.

Inside the practice gates, players said the performance wasn't impressive. Although, it might've been expected.

"We looked a little sluggish," offensive tackle DeMarcus Love said. "Everybody has been doing a lot of getting to class, getting up early, getting everything situated. I guess that's just part of the first day of school and practice."

Smith said it wasn't as bad as it sounded, though.

He noted that the Razorbacks had a different intensity about them before and during Tuesday's practice, mostly because of the realization that the Sept. 5 season opener against Missouri State is quickly approaching.

"They were pretty darn serious when they sat in meetings," he said. "They know camp is over. They know it's prep time."

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