Thursday Grid Update, 10/15

Joe Adams will travel, but not play against Florida. But the Hogs should have one key wide receiver back on the field.

Bobby Petrino said the Hogs have had a good week of preparation. He said Michael Smith did some work this week and is a game-time decision.

More importantly, with Joe Adams out after a mild stroke last week, it appears Jarius Wright can play this week. Wright missed most of the Auburn victory after sustaining a concussion during the game. How big is having Wright back with Adams out?

"It's huge," Petrino said. "Jarius is our speed, fast guy that can make a lot of big plays. He's already made a lot this year, made a lot last year at the end of the year. So to have him back and the confidence and feel that Ryan Mallett has in him, we're fortunate he's back.

"Cobi Hamilton will play. Cobi played well the other day, and Cobi's very capable of making big plays with his size and speed."

Because of a hernia injury (requiring surgery) that has decked Brandon Mitchell for a few weeks, Jim Youngblood moved from tight end back to quarterback this week. He's the third quarterback on the travel squad this week.

The Hogs worked outside in the stadium. How was practice Thursday:

"We had a good week of preparation," Petrino said. " I think that our players did a great job in the meeting rooms and have a game plan that we feel comfortable with. I know that our players know it and understand it. They did a nice job in practice tonight. We are looking forward to the game. We are anxious to get on the plane tomorrow and go down and perform well. That is what we want to do as a football team is get down there perform well, have an opportunity to win the game in the fourth quarter."

Running back Michael Smith left the Auburn game with a hamstring problem. How did he practice Thursday and what would be his availability for the game?

"Michael got out there today and did some work," Petrino said. "Right now, I would say right now it will be a game-time decision, but I am encouraged that he did get some work yesterday and more today."

You have a good stable of running backs. Are others ready aside from Smith?

"I feel good," Petrino said. "They have been in there and gotten reps. Dennis Johnson played real well against LSU last year when he got the lead role. We'll just see how it goes. I have confidence in all the other back. I think that they have gotten to the point now that understand our protections, know what they need to do to protect the quarterback and that is a huge key for a running back. All of them are capable of running with the ball."

The Gators have been conservative in most of their games, especially last week against LSU. Do you expect Florida to be more aggressive than they were against LSU?

"I would bet they would. Just listening to what they are saying and knowing that they have not been that conservative before," Petrino said. "I am sure that they were taking care of [Tim] Tebow. I am sure that they would like to throw it around and open it up and we have to be ready for that. Certainly they are capable of that; they did a lot of it last year. We practiced a lot of things that they have done in the past."

How is the focus of the team heading into this game and how much did you learn from the loss at Alabama in regards to this situation? "We've got a good attitude," Petrino said. "Our guys are excited to play and the big thing is that we are focused and we know what the task is. We know how we have to go play and how we have to go perform so hopefully the Alabama game will give us some experience in that atmosphere and we'll play a heck of a lot better than we did there."

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