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The South recruiting team hit the road on Friday to watch some of the region's best prospects for this class and beyond including Lake Howell (Fla.) linebacker Christian Jones. On The Road Report
Will Adams – Offensive Tackle – Sandy Creek (GA) - 2012
Final Score: Sandy Creek 31, Fayette County 7

Scout's Take: Adams is going to draw a lot of attention simply because of his size. He has long arms, he is flexible, and he is tough. He did not have a superstar performance in this one, but he did show signs if potential. He has was able to get to the second level, he showed a nice slide-step in pass protection, and he pinned his man both inside and outside on running plays. He really needs to work on his hands, maintaining his blocks longer, and his power. He is still raw, but he has the size and coordination that will get him a lot of early looks. -- Chad Simmons
Ronnie Bell – Quarterback – Sandy Creek (GA) - 2011
Final Score: Sandy Creek 31, Fayette County 7

Scout's Take: Bell is an athletic quarterback to watch next year. He really made some plays when outside the pocket in this game and he threw the ball despite the rain and the slippery ball. He did a nice job of keeping his eyes down field when avoiding pressure and he put the ball where it needed to be more times than not. He does need to work on his delivery, release, and arm strength, but he will be a junior that gets some looks. -- Chad Simmons
Carnell Boyd – Wide Receiver – Westlake (GA) - 2012
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Boyd is a smooth wide receiver that is going to be one of the top 2012 recruits in the state of Georgia. He is quick off the ball, he is very fluid, and he is slippery when trying to tackle in space. He had just two receptions in this game and one was a great leaping grab over a Newnan defender down field. He does not have a great quarterback to get him the ball, so do not let the numbers fool you. Boyd is cat quick and will be a playmaker to watch in the coming years. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Interest from Alabama, Florida State, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
Alex Chisum – Wide Receiver – Sandy Creek (GA) - 2011
Final Score: Sandy Creek 31, Fayette County 7

Scout's Take: Chisum is an intriguing prospect because of his size, hands, smarts, and athleticism. He has a couple of early offers and he will add more throughout the next year, but where will he play on the next level? He spends much of his time at wide receiver now and that is all he played in this game, but free safety is a possibility as well. He had a catch in this game and he dropped one as well in rain. He needs to work on his acceleration, but he has great length, he understands the game, and his future is bright. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Holds early offers from Kentucky and Mississippi State.
Lacy Coleman – Defensive End – Sandy Creek (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Sandy Creek 31, Fayette County 7

Scout's Take: Coleman was not much of a factor in this game. He got in the backfield a time or two and was in on a couple of tackles, but the ball did not go his way much and he just did not apply much pressure on the quarterback. The muddy field may have hurt his pass rush, but he really showed he needs to keep his pad level down and add strength. He is still light on the edge, so adding weight, improving his strength, and working on his technique will help him on the next level. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Louisville.
Jahwahn Edwards – Running Back – Butler (NC) - 2011
Final Score: Butler 67, Ardrey Kell 0

Scout's Take: Nearly impossible to bring down with arm tackles and always creates extra yardage with second, third, and fourth efforts after contact. Could be a dangerous short-yardage running back, but his frame seems to look more like a fullback in college with some impressive blocking in the running game with the way Butler hands off to their wingbacks. -- Miller Safrit
Kris Frost – Linebacker – Butler (NC) - 2011
Final Score: Butler 67, Ardrey Kell 0

Scout's Take: Played both wide receiver and linebacker, played a huge vocal role on the defensive side of the ball as the Butler defense did not allow a first down or a pass completion in the game. Matched up against 2011 tight end Drew Owens, very impressive both attacking the run from the strong side and dropping back into coverage against the tight end or flexed against twin receivers. -- Miller Safrit

Recruiting: Early interest from the Southeast but not offers as of yet.
Ronnie Harris – Cornerback – Westlake (GA) - 2011
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Harris is a defensive back that may be best at corner, but to stay involved he lined up at safety for the Lions. He is a very physical player and he made a handful of tackles in this game. He moves well in space and showed good quickness. It was hard to get a gauge of him as a cover guy in this game, but he looked good going through the drills during pre-game. Keep an eye on this one. -- Chad Simmons
Tony Jacob – Offensive Tackle – Westlake (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Jacobs was the biggest prospect on the field in this game when talking size, but he has a ways to go to be big-time as an offensive lineman. He is slow out of his stance, he needs to really work on his hand placement, and he needs to add strength. His size and length are great and his feet are solid, but he really needs to improve at tackle. Technique can be taught and if he picks that up at UCF, then he could be productive down the road. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Central Florida
Isaiah Johnson – Safety – Sandy Creek (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Sandy Creek 31, Fayette County 7

Scout's Take: Johnson is one of the top safeties in the South. He looks the part, he is strong against the run, he is solid in pass coverage, and he has good ball skills. He picked off a pass on the first drive of this game, but it was called back. The conditions were horrible so he was not tested much in coverage, but he did show good closing speed on the ball. He did not make a lot of tackles, but he was right there to finish the play if need be. He has a lot of upside at Georgia Tech and he is an all around safety that could play free or strong on the next level. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Georgia Tech.
Malcolm Johnson – Wide Receiver – Northridge (AL) - 2010
Final Score: Northridge 27, Jackson-Olin 13

Scout's Take: Malcolm Johnson came up big several times in Northridge's Homecoming win over Jackson-Olin. Johnson made several big catches and even ran the ball out of the 'Wildcat' formation a couple of times. His first big catch of the night came when he was pushed down by a Jackson-Olin player, but still managed to haul in the reception on the one yard line. Johnson made the best play of the night during the third quarter when he jumped between two defenders caught the ball, broke a couple of tackles and dove in the end zone. Johnson is a physical receiver who has strong hands. He is great in open space and tough to bring down on first contact. He is also an excellent downfield blocker and knows how to climb the ladder to get the ball. He needs to improve his speed and route running skills. -- Andrew Bone

Recruiting: Committed to Mississippi State.
Christian Jones – Linebacker – Lake Howell (FL) - 2010
Final Score: Lake Howell 14, Colonial 13

Scout's Take: At nearly 6-foot-4 and about 220 pounds, he's built the right way and has room to add about 15-20 more pounds. Especially for such a big kid, he runs extremely well. He can go sideline to sideline about as well as you'll see at the prep level. He's around the ball a lot thanks to having excellent football instincts. He's a gamer who won't take plays off and looked like every bit the 4-star LB prospect he's considered. One possible concern is that he didn't make many big plays on defense. A lot of his tackles were four, five, six plus yards downfield and he never made that big play that his team could have really used. He also needs to get more physical when shedding blockers and making tackles but he has all the tools to become a real difference maker at the college level. -- Mike Bakas

Recruiting: Narrowed list to Florida, Miami, Florida State, Southern Cal, Notre Dame, Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Florida, and Rutgers.
Kendal Lamm – Offensive Tackle – Butler (NC) - 2010
Final Score: Butler 67, Ardrey Kell 0

Scout's Take: Had several matchups with Prince Shembo and came away impressing in his ability to redirect defensive linemen when he can get good hand placement inside the pads. Once he gets the hands down, could be an impressive player. Would not be surprised to see him move inside as a guard with his aggression and ability to add size to his frame. -- Miller Safrit

Recruiting: Offer from Buffalo and could receive one soon from Marshall.
Christian LeMay – Quarterback – Butler (NC) - 2011
Final Score: Butler 67, Ardrey Kell 0

Scout's Take: Very impressive outing for Lemay who is about as smooth a junior quarterback as you will find. Everything from the way he commands the huddle to the way he buzzes through the sideline simply screams leadership while his demeanor on the field is years beyond his graduating class in high school. Very accurate with great timing in his offensive system missing on just two of eleven passes, and even those two should have been completions. Was called on to run the ball more than expected and answered that call with 50 yards of rushing in the one half he played as the score was 49-0 at the half. Very impressed with overall poise and ability to create time with pocket presence. -- Miller Safrit

Recruiting: Early offers from Florida, Florida State, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.
Rajon Neal – Running Back – Sandy Creek (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Sandy Creek 31, Fayette County 7

Scout's Take: Neal really picked his game up in the second half. He started off a little slow and ran a little hesitant, but he came out strong in the third and fourth quarters. He ran with more power, he hit the holes a little quicker, and he showed why he is one of the top running backs in Georgia. Early on he looked a little timid when he got the ball and moved a little too much east-west instead of north-south. He has solid speed, but he is a better power back between the tackles than looking for the corner. The conditions held him back like everyone else, but he finished the game strong. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Mississippi State.
Alec Ogletree – Safety – Newnan (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Ogletree is a five-star safety and he showed why Friday night. He made plays on both sides of the ball and he set the tone in the first half with a 60 yard reception on the first possession that led to a touchdown, then he crushed two Westlake players in the second quarter before picking off a pass late in the first half to keep momentum into the half. He is a special player. The one thing that stood out that he can still improve is the angles he takes to the football. His speed, instincts, power, swagger, and playmaking ability place him at the top when talking safeties in the country. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Georgia.
Alexander Ogletree – Linebacker – Newnan (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: This Ogletree does not have the size of the other, but he is an impact player. He could be a fullback or middle linebacker on the next level. He does not have great speed, but he has instincts, heart, and desire. He stays around the football, he is a solid tackler, and he plays with a lot of passions. He is undersized and he does not have great speed, but he makes plays with the best of them. He may be best as a fullback on the next level. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Holds an offer from Savannah State and interest from Florida State and Georgia.
Drew Owens – Tight End – Ardrey Kell (NC) - 2011
Final Score: Butler 67, Ardrey Kell 0

Scout's Take: With the Kell quarterback situation, Owens normally does not get many chances in the passing game so he shows a solid effort in the running game where he does a good job of keeping his height on his side with good hand placement and surprising strength for what is essentially a skinny tight end. Comes off the ball well and is overall a good athlete for his size. Hands were not amazing both in warmups and in the game as he dropped his one catchable ball. -- Miller Safrit

Recruiting: Early favorites in East Carolina, NC State, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
Charles Purnell – Running Back – Westlake (GA) - 2012
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Pernell is a running back that has great vision, great feet, great cut back ability, and great strength. He ran very hard against a strong defense Friday night and was one of the few bright spots for the Westlake offense. He is only going to get better in the next two and a half years at Westlake. He is very quick, he is shifty as well, and he runs with a lot more power than most would expect. He runs with very good body lean and he could be one of the best in Georgia's class of 2012. -- Chad Simmons
Jamal Ransby – Cornerback – Newnan (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Ransby was the top corner on the field in this game. He had a nice interception in the end zone and he also had a nice reception on offense where he made guys miss and took it over 20 yards down the field. He is a smart player and he is a hard worker, but he is not being highly recruited because of his size. He is going to be a steal for someone. He is quick, he has good feet, and he understands the position. He needs to work on his back peddle, but he is much better than what his offer list shows. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Interest from Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
Darius Robinson – Cornerback – Westlake (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Robinson is committed to Clemson as a corner, but spent most of this game at safety. It frees him up a little more and allows him to support the run. He is a good tackler and he made a couple of stops in this game. He did line up over the inside receiver and he struggled a bit in coverage. He needs to work on his hips and change of direction. He will likely start out at corner in Death Valley, but if corner does not work out then he could make a good free safety as well. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Clemson.
Prince Shembo – Defensive End – Ardrey Kell (NC) - 2010
Final Score: Butler 67, Ardrey Kell 0

Scout's Take: High motor defensive end, could end up being a third down defensive end in pass rushing situations with the way he stays low and comes off the ball. He is a thick linebacker without a ton of room to grow, so what you see now could be close to the final weight in college and he has the physical traits to play early if he can pick up the pass coverage schemes or is put in as that third down pass rusher. Very aware defensive player, rarely gets out of position, and really attacks the outside shoulder well to get tackles out of position for either a bull rush to the outside or a quick cut to the inside. -- Miller Safrit

Recruiting: Committed to Notre Dame
Michael Taylor – Linebacker – Westlake (GA) - 2010
Final Score: Newnan 20, Westlake 0

Scout's Take: Taylor was typical Taylor in this game – he was all over the field. He made stops behind the line, from sideline to sideline, and down field. He is a linebacker that plays until the whistle blows and he plays with a lot of emotion. He holds his teammates accountable and he leads both by example and vocally. No, he is not 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, but he plays with good speed and just has a nose for the football. He needs to work on getting off blocks and dropping back into coverage, but he will make a lot of stops on the next level as well. -- Chad Simmons

Recruiting: Committed to Tennessee.
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