Matt Jones: My No. 1 QB

Is it just me, or has everyone gone whacky with all of this Matt Jones to wide receiver junk? Well, don't expect me to go for it!!!!

Chuck Barrett had the two-QB system as the focal point of our SportsRap show on Monday night. There was much good debate on the subject, and it was good to discuss it, even for three hours. It's a fun thing to talk about this time of the year.

However, let's don't make too much out of Houston Nutt's plan to let Matt Jones play a little wide receiver this spring. You have to understand the main reasons, and not let other things cloud your vision. One of the things that I maintained in that setting is that this is a two-fold thing.

One, Matt Jones can't throw for two hours in spring practice right now. Can't do it. So, what do you do with him the rest of the time ... you don't just let him stand there.

So, they'll give him some snaps at wide receiver. Nothing wrong with that. It's good for Matt, good for the team and really good for the other QBs. Heck, that might be Matt's position someday, if an NFL team takes a chance on him as a wide receiver instead of a quarterback.

Two, it sends a message to the other quarterbacks that if they perform up to a high standard and show they can make plays and also eliminate bad plays, that they might get some time in games like Zak Clark did in the two QB system. It's a carrot, something to inspire things in the spring. That's what coaches do, fire up the competition.

That's all it is, nothing more or nothing less. It could develop into something if one of the other quarterbacks does something great in spring drills and in the fall.

But, I don't read into it more than what it is ... just some rest for Matt's shoulder and a chance for another QB to get a few more snaps.

Matt Jones is the No. 1 quarterback, and he should be the No. 1 quarterback. I bet he's the No. 1 quarterback as long as he's healthy. He would be MY No. 1 quarterback as long as he's healthy.

That doesn't mean that Nutt won't utilize the two QB system in the fall. But, it's too early to tell if that will happen. But, if Ryan Sorahan, Rhett Lashlee, Cedric Washington, Landon Leach or Robert Johnson emerges as an SEC quarterback, then it would be nice to have Matt Jones running a few pass patterns for them. That's why it's good to get Matt some practice at wideout this spring, especially if he can't throw for two hours.

For now, don't get too caught up in thinking that Matt Jones is going to be the starting flanker in the fall. He's going to be the starting QB. And, he's going to be the starting QB for another two seasons. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



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