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Springfield Hillcrest junior wide receiver and Arkansas recruiting target Dorial Green-Beckham (6-6, 220, 4.5), who already has over 25 offers, is perhaps the nation's best 2012 prospect and is on display this weekend in the Southwest Elite 7-on-7 Showcase.

SPRINGDALE - The young man who will perhaps be the number one high school football player in the nation's 2012 class is on display in Arkansas this weekend.

Springdale Hillcrest junior wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham (6-6, 220, 4.5), a prime University of Arkansas recruiting target, is competing in the two-day Showcase Elite 7-on-7 Event at Shiloh Christian that will finish up Saturday.

"I love being here," said Green-Beckham, who has taken two unofficial visits to the UA already. "In Fayetteville, it is all about football. I like how everybody is all about Arkansas. I like to be around the people and the coaches."

The Razorbacks are just one of some 25 college programs that have already put a scholarship offer on the table for a prospect who was recently adopted by his head coach John Beckham.

"I think it is his combination of size and speed," Coach Beckham said. "He is 6-5 ½, 220-pound, was the 100-meter champion in the state of Missouri so he runs well, has great body control. He was also the player of the year in basketball in Missouri as a sophomore."

Green caught 37 passes for 801 yards and 13 touchdowns a ninth grader and then broke out last season with 63 catches for a state-record 1,616 yards and a whopping 23 TD catches as a sophomore.

"Today aside, he usually has great hands," Beckham said while laughing. "Apparently there was a glove problem, a mental glove problem or something, but generally he has great hands and catches the ball real well. He is quite the specimen."

Green, whose team took in the famed Catfish Hole in Fayetteville on Friday night, certainly has noticed how much Arkansas puts the ball in the air.

"They get the ball to the receivers really well," Green-Beckham said. "They have a lot of good young quarterbacks who will still be there when I graduate. I know they will be able to get me the ball here. It's a great program."

Even while he is consider one of the nation's best, Green-Beckham knows he is not a finish product just yet.

"I get off the ball fast and my route running is pretty good," Green said. "I still got little things to work on like blocking and coming back to the ball and tucking it in."

Green-Beckham has plenty of people who will encourage him to go to surrounding schools such as Arkansas, Missouri and Okahoma - with some die-hard Razorback fans embedded in his high school.

"There are a lot of Razorback fans up there (in Springfield) who talk about me going to Arkansas," Beckham-Green said.

The coach noted the player gets it from every side.

"We have one coach who is a big pro-Oklahoma guy, a couple of Missouri guys and an Arkansas guy – a coach on our staff who played under Lou Holtz back in the – I don't know 40s," Beckham joked about former Razorback Lou Fees. "His track coach is a huge Razorback fan. His principal is a huge Razorback fan. There is a mixture of all the local schools up there. We are in Southwest Missouri. When they do the sports they do Arkansas as well as Missouri. It is almost like two hometown schools."

His team went 2-2 in pool play on Friday before rain ended the action, which will resume Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

"This is the first time we have ever done this, our first 7-on-7 tournament ever," Beckham said. "We had two touchdowns because of penalties because we are just learning the rules and how you do this. We didn't know any better. We were blocking down field, which we teach them to do, but is not allowed during 7-on-7."

Hillcrest is breaking in a new quarterback.

"We had a good QB last year, one that signed and is at Missouri State now," Beckham said. "This year we have some young, inexperienced quarterbacks so the delivery system is not what it used to be. We are a young football team. We only brought four seniors on this trip."

Green-Beckham will become more of a leader this upcoming season out of necessity.

"He is going to have to step up and be a leader and there are going to be nights when he gets frustrated because it won't be as easy as last season," Beckham said. "It is going to be an important year for him, not only mentally and physically, but from a maturity standpoint and being a leader for our football team."

Green-Beckham is ready to accept the role.

"Everybody looks to me to be one of the leaders because I am one of our top players," Green-Beckham said. "I know if I step up, they are all going to follow me and work harder."

Coach Beckham, who has taken in several foster children over the years with his wife, has become the player's guardian and father figure.

"We are making progress, but it just takes time," Beckham said. "Most father-son relationsips are spread out over 17 years to learn each other, we have just had the last four years. It is just a process that takes time."

Both the coach and the player are focused on high school and not college.

"He already has a ton of offers, but it's one of those things where we are not even focused on that," Beckham said. "It is just not time yet to get serious about that. It is just time for him to mature as a person, get his academics in order and become a better football player. Those are the things that are really important right now, not where he is going to go to college three years from now."

Green, whose first catch as a freshman turned into a 75-yard touchdown, feels like he is handling the attention well.

"I'm handling it pretty good," Green-Beckham said. "A lot of people come talk to me and ask me about it where I want to go – which I am not sure right now. I am just ready to finish up my high school career and then look at that."

Dorial Green-Beckham

Dorial Green-Beckham

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