Love-ing Practice

The effort from the Razorbacks' offensive line during the first two days of practice and new assistant coach Chris Klenakis has All-SEC tackle selection DeMarcus Love (6-5, 315) excited about the 2010 season.

The Razorbacks' most highly-regarded offensive lineman is Love-ing what he has seen the first two days of practice.

All-SEC selection DeMarcus Love (6-5, 315) noted Friday night that the University of Arkansas offensive line has come ready to work and that has shown up on the field.

"I think we have bonded because we have been in the system for so long, things are clicking and everything feels right," Love said. "Everybody knows each other and we are communicating at the highest level of any team that I have been a part of."

Love – a senior starter at quick tackle - is thrilled with what the mentality that new offensive line coach Chris Klenakis has brought to the squad.

"Coach K is on you," Love said. "There is no messing around with him. He is a my way or the highway type of coach. But that is what all the offensive linemen need around here – a guy who he is going to be on your butt if you are not getting things done."

Klenakis' philosophy of "Play Nasty or Not at All" has been a good fit for Love and his teammates.

"He is a good coach and I have learned so much from him here in just these eight months," Love said. "I have bought into all he is trying to get done."

Klenakis is given credit for bringing along "The Shot" (known elsewhere as The Pistol) to add to Arkansas offense and hopefully add to a running game that was not up to par last season.

"The shot messes with the linebackers a little bit," Love said. "With the way it works, it makes the linebackers think and if they go the wrong direction, the back will cut it back and is off to the races. The Shot that Coach K has brought has given us a new identity."

Love notes the offensive line is blessed with depth at each spot.

"We have so much depth, about 12 guys if we actually needed that many," Love said. "Of course, we can only put five on the field at a time and the best five are going to start, but we are going to be so ready if somebody goes down or needs a break."

Love is thankful for the preseason accolades that he is getting, but is not out seeking them.

"I don't really read the newspaper or things like that," Love said. "I just go out and play on Saturdays. It's nice to have that recognition, but I have never been worried about awards. I am about the team and winning football games."

DeMarcus Love, Chris Klenakis

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