Interview II: Cameron Craig

As the veterans, many of whom are juniors, feverishing labor to get firmly established as more-than-capable contributors on the defensive line, especially at the defensive end position, All-State, defensive end Cameron Craig ("CC as he is called) also has his eyes on contributing early. As noted in our initial interview with "CC", he brings the rare combination of strength and speed. He squats 700 pounds, power-clean of 350 and runs a 4.7 (electronic time) 40.

Cameron Craig
DE, 6'4" 235
Garden City HS
(Garden City, Kansas)

Cameron, #52 bringing down the ball carrier.

Here is the second installment: How have things been for you since you and I last spoke?

Cameron Craig: I have been working out and wrestling (heavy weight division). Man, I have wrestled against some pretty big boys {laughing}.

Cameron during the State Wrestling Championships. Last time we spoke, you indicated that you weighed 235. Is that your present weight and what weight do you want to come in at?

Cameron Craig: Right now I'm about 228. My goal before I get there, I want to come in at 240, because the Beast Period can take 10 pounds off. I want to get stronger, especially in my upper because my lower is pretty good right now. My big focus is that I want to get quicker and faster, along with my reaction time. So, I'm working on my 20 and 40 times. I took a week off after wrestling. I am doing stairs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after my actual workout for explosion. I'm working on my vertical and building my fast twitch muscle fibers. I'm really focused right now. Describe the perfect SportsCenter moment that involves Cameron Craig.

Cameron Craig: It would be me leveling the quarterback during the Air Force game.

"CC" getting his pass rush on! As you head into the final lap of your senior year of high school, what was your greatest memory of these past 4 years of school?

Cameron Craig: Setting goals as a freshman, and I can honestly say that I have met all of those goals. Have you been following the football recruiting news on Army via the Internet? If, so what are you thoughts?

Cameron Craig: Yes, I keep up with it. If you could have dinner with any three historical figures who would they be?

Cameron Craig: Jesus Christ, Joseph and King Solomon. A man of wisdom!

Cameron Craig: Yes Sir. Do you have a favorite musical artist?

Cameron Craig: Not really, I like all types of music. If I were to look into your CD player right now, what CD would I find?

Cameron Craig: Genuine the Bachelor… Who is that?

Cameron Craig: {laughing} He's an RandB singer. What actor do you think would star in a movie about your life?

Cameron Craig: {laughing} I would have to say Mel Gibson. Oh, that must be the younger version of Mel Gibson!

Cameron Craig: {laughing} Well in that case, I would say Vin Diesel. {laughing} Top Stories