Interview II: Luke Pell presents the second interview with Luke, as we continue to give the Black Knight fans a more personal look at Army's class of 2003. Luke played in one of the most competitive division of high school football in Texas. However, Burnet High School was not short on talent themselves and as reflected in their 14-1 this past season (only lost coming in the State Championship). The team has players committed to some of the top programs in the country.

Luke's teammates are OL, Eddy Parker (Georgia Tech-2003); TE, Mason Templeton (Arkansas-2003); WR, Jordan Shipley (Texas -2004); QB, Stephen McGhee (2004) has offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Georgia and Tennessee.

Luke Pell
(Pronounced "Pail")
6-1, 205, SS/Sniper
40 4.5
Burnet HS (Burnet, TX)

Here's our second installment with Luke: How have things been for you since you and I last spoke?
Luke Pell: Things are going very well. I have been running track…full speed away and we just ran the Texas relays. I run the 4x200 & 4x400. What's your split in the 200?
Luke Pell: My split in the 200 is 22 flat. I have been doing the workout that Coach Swanson sent me.

Luke (#44) celebrates another Burnet victory. Luke, talk about your high school career a little bit and let the Army fans reading this know how you did your senior season.
Luke Pell: He had a great year, where we went 14-1. That's almost as good as it gets. We were undefeated up until the last game. We were winning 7-0 in the State Championship and threatening to score again, but a player on the other team was seriously hurt during that drive, the game was shut down for 30 minutes and that changed the complexion of the game. We lost focus and eventually the game. However, it was a life lesson for all of us, not to take life for granted. Last time we spoke, you indicated that you weighed 205 and that you wanted to add on 10 more pounds, but maintain your speed. What is your present weight?
Luke Pell: Right now I'm at 205. I was up to 215 prior to the track season, but I will be putting that back on was track is over.

Luke #44 What number would you like to wear at Army?
Luke Pell: I would like to wear #44 Describe the perfect SportsCenter moment that involves Luke Pell.
Luke Pell: Freshman…getting some P/T in the Army-
Navy game, I intercept a pass and return it 97 yards for the game winning touchdown late in the 4th quarter What actor do you think would star in a movie about your life?
Luke Pell: I would have to say Vin Diesel, because he's a stud right now & all the ladies like him. So I wouldn't mind being like that {laughing}. What's your favorite movie?
Luke Pell: Dumb and Dumber. If I were to open your CD player, what CD would I find in there?
Luke Pell: Classic rock… AC/DC and Guns & Roses. Anything you would like to say to the Army fans on that will be reading this?
Luke Pell: I really believe that Army has great things to look forward to and I'm looking forward to being part of it. It was a pleasure catching up with you again and don't forget, Go Army, Beat Navy.
Luke Pell: "Thank you, same here and yeah, Go Army, Beat Navy!"

A focused and intense Luke Pell (#44) can't wait for the "D" to get back in the game. Top Stories