Nick Bennett talks Army

Rich Ellerson and his staff nabbed one of the strongest line prospects in Kentucky on Tuesday when Nick Bennett signed with Army. spoke with Bennett about his strengths and weakness along with his thoughts on West Point. What are your thoughts on finally having made the decision as to where you are going to college to play football?
Nick Bennett: It's a great feeling, I don't have to like stress out about where I'm going to school and how I'm going to pay for it. Army's a great school to go to so it's pretty much like a no-brainer for me.

AS: What were some of the things that attracted you to Army?
NB: I went up there in the summer and they do this thing called SOS where juniors can go up and spend a week. It's sort of like a week in the life of a cadet. I went up there and I really enjoyed it so then I had it in my mind that I wanted to go there regardless of football so when they offered me it sealed the deal.

AS: So you were going to go anyway even if you weren't going to play football?
NB: Yes, I like it that much.

AS: What are your thoughts on someday being an Army officer?
NB: That's real exciting for me. I can't wait. I've been reading books about it and my dad, he was an officer and I've just been asking him lots of questions and people that I know. I'm real excited.

AS: What do you feel makes you a solid player?
NB: My hard work and my ability to deal with adversity. Like if the game isn't going the way it's supposed to I can adapt and change to it. My strength is going to help me this summer so I can start mixing it up with some of the upper classmen with just the amount of strength that I have.

AS: How much can you bench?
NB: My max is 355.

AS: When did you first hear from Army?
NB: December of 2009; it was the end of my football season. The coach that had recruited me, I had finished my highlight film and sent it up, when he was doing winter recruiting he came to my school, I wasn't allowed to talk to him yet but he came to my school and talked to my coach. My coach told me he came and gave me his number and I called him.

AS: Which Army coach recruited you?
NB: Chris Smeland.

AS: If there was one thing in your game that you could magically be improved in what would it be?
NB: Maybe coming out under control like when I'm drive blocking, being under control, because when you out and block linebackers most of the time they are going to try and avoid you and if you hit them and lock on they can still sometime, if you don't have a good base, they can get off of you and that's something I wish to change.

AS: What did the Army coaches tell you as far as how you will be utilized there?
NB: They said I'll either be offensive line or defensive line. They like me because I have size and play both positions so they can use me anywhere.

AS: What are your thoughts on someday playing in the Army-Navy game?
NB: It's really exciting; I love watching the games and can't wait to just be around the school during that week and enjoying the atmosphere.

AS: Did you watch the last game?
NB: Yes, just watching the game gives me more motivation to want work harder so I can get up there and perform.

AS: Are you going to be a direct admit or go to the prep school?
NB: Direct.

AS: Is there anything you want to say to Army fans?
NB: I can't wait to get up there and put on a show.

AS: Thank you Nick and good luck in your Army career. Top Stories