Isaac Hayes talks Army

Minnesota lineman Isaac Hayes is one of the top prospects in the his state. The St. Thomas Academy product spoke with about his interest in Army and Navy. How often do you hear from Army and Navy?
Isaac Hayes: I hear from Army about twice a month.

SC: What are some of the things you like about Army and Navy?
IH: I like that the Army offers a guaranteed job coming out.

SC: What do you feel makes you a great player?
IH: I feel that my nastiness and my tenacity makes me a great player along with being a hard worker.

SC: What position are you being recruited to play at Army and Navy?

SC: What were some of your stats/awards/recognition from your junior season?
IH: All Conference Honorable Mention. 2011 Football Captain.

SC: Have you visited Army or Navy? If yes, how did it go? If no, are you planning a visit either?
IH: Not a this point and I have not planned a visit so far.

SC: What are your favorite schools right now? Which have offered you.
IH: My top 3 are Stanford, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, and Oregon State in no order. Top Stories