Interview II: Travis Prikryl

Spring football has concluded and the depth chart has been established. However, there are those from the incoming recruiting class of 2003 that want to make their mark this upcoming season. Well, Travis Prikryl is no different. With R-Day just a little over a month away, we caught up with the defensive end prospect & Black Knight commit to see what his thoughts were as his begins to conclude his senior year.

Here's our second installment of conversation with Travis, as we continue to look at Army's class of 2003. What do you know about the defense Coach Berry will be running this season & how do you see this scheme fitting your style of play?

Travis Prikryl: When I was on my visit and they show me some film on the defense and it's a lot like the scheme we run at here Central. When we last spoke, you indicated that you were 6'4" 245 pounds. What is your current weight?

Travis Prikryl: I'm at 255 and I plan on coming into R-Day at that weight. If you were to use one word to describe your senior year of high school thus far, what would it be?

Travis Prikryl: "Exciting". There are a lot of things going on, a lot of decision being made… very hectic. Have you followed any of Army's recruiting through the Internet? If so, what are your thoughts?

Travis Prikryl: Not too much. Tell me what you bring to the team- what are your best attributes as an athlete, as a person, and as a leader?

Travis Prikryl: I'm quick off the line. I like to get to the ball, especially on the pass rush. What are some of the things that you have been working on prior to arriving at West Point?

Travis Prikryl: I have been doing the Black Knight workout program & lots of running. So, do you have one song that you listen to before a game to get you pumped up...and that song would be?

Travis Prikryl: Not really, I just like to clear my mind before the game and get very focused. What do you think will be your biggest challenge for the upcoming 2003 season?

Travis Prikryl: Adjusting to the speed of the game. The college game is a lot faster than at the high school level. What makes you the most proud of becoming a West Point Cadet?

Travis Prikryl: The tradition and history of the Academy. What would you like to tell the Army fans relative to this upcoming season?

Travis Prikryl: Next year will be whole different year for Army football. Top Stories