PA D-Back Plans Visit to Army had a chance to talk with Freedom High School's (Bethlehem, Pa.) Okezie Alozie. Alozie played safety, cornerback and tailback for Freedom and received an offer from the Black Knights last spring.

D.T. Yates: Are you still interested in Army? 

Okezie Alozie: Yes.


DY: How often are you hearing from Army? 

OA: Weekly.


DY: Have you visited Army or do you have plans to visit Army? 

OA: I haven't yet, I plan to sometime in January.


DY: What do you like about Army?

OA: I know its a well known in football as far as "Army Football" and a great education, you're being tested at a high academic level.


DY: Can you see yourself serving as an Army officer?

OA: That's kind of hard to say you know?  I would like to see exactly what that's like but I don't have too much problem with the whole Army thing.


DY: What do you feel makes you a great player?

OA: I'm very physical, I play fast.  Just the physicalness that I bring.  That's what kind of makes me a great player.


DY: What were some of your stats from last season?

OA: I had 54 tackles, 5 forced fumbles, 5 fumble recoveries, one interception and nine deflections.


DY: Did you get any postseason honors like all-district or all-state?

OA: The only thing that came out so far was all-conference and I got first-team all-conference defensive back and honorable mention at tailback.


DY: What other schools are recruiting you?

OA: Temple, Buffalo, Georgia Tech.


DY: What schools have offered you?

OA: Villanova, Navy, Liberty U, The Citadel, VMI, and Stony Brook.


DY: Do you have a favorite?

OA: All the schools I'm pretty much evenly interested in as of right now.


DY: When do you plan to make your decision?

OA: Personally I don't plan on making a decision soon.  If something happens where I feel like I need to make a decision then I could.  My goal is to wait it out as long as I can. Top Stories