Nate Guidry talks official visit

Nate Guidry joined Army's 2012 recruiting class this month. He traveled by himself to West Point from his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas for his official visit during the weekend of January 6th-8th. Guidry, a 6-foot-2, 185-pound safety, called the visit a "huge experience" for him.

"Having never been in that part of the county, my eyes were as big as circles," said Nate Guidry of the visit. "The people are a lot different than back at home. It was an awesome trip. I'm looking forward to spending the next 10 years of my life there."

With Guidry's commitment to West Point, he'll also serve five years in the United States Army after graduation. The coaches gave him the choice of going to prep school for a year to further ready himself or go in directly. and he opted for the latter.

"I'm going to fall right into the process," Guidry said. "The prep school was to help me through the basics, but I think I'm ready academically. We graduate on June 3rd, and I'll start basic training on July 1st. That's going to last four to six weeks, then classes begin at the end of August."

The coaching staff paired Guidry with Reggie Nesbit, a sophomore safety from Indianapolis. Nesbit acted as Guidry player/host and tour guide.

"When I came in on Friday I met Reggie," Guidry explained. "We walked around campus checking out the dorms, weight room, and facilities. Then we went to see the hockey game. Later we went to the Mall and to Dave & Busters. I talked with some of the players about their experience as freshmen and what they've learned the past two years [at West Point]."

Although, Guidry met with the entire Army coaching staff including Coach Ellerson, he got to spend some one-on-one time with Chris Smeland, who will serve as his position coach with the Black Knights.

"He [Smeland] is confident I can come in and see some clock if not start next season at free safety," said Guidry. "I went over some plays with him. He said they play a lot of man coverage. He wants to see me work on my one-on-one skills, to communicate with the linebackers, and practice more open turns to cover more ground. He'd also like to see me at 190 [pounds]."

At Arlington Heights High School, Guidry runs the 4X2 relay, the 4X1 relay (anchorman), and the 100 meter dash. In addition to football, he hopes to run track for Coach Troy Engle at West Point. Although he isn't required to choose a major, Guidry says he's interested in studying Life Science or Mechanical Engineering. Top Stories