Buckley named PL Scholar Athlete of the Year

Brendan Buckley, a junior lacrosse player, has been chosen for the title as the 2011-12 Patriot League Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year. This title is an honor for any Lacrosse player, as they are often shun out of the spotlight due to larger revenue sports, such as football and basketball. Buckley was highly deserving of the award, and the praise that he's gotten since further proves my point.

The most honorable praise came from Joe Alberici who is the head coach of the Army lacrosse team. According to Joe, Brendan Buckley is one of the most hardworking and talented players he's had on his teams. Joe has been observing Brendan for last three years and has found him smarter than many of his teammates both inside and outside the field. Coach Alberici hopes that if Brendan keeps focused on his game and his school work, as he will be able to achieve more in life. Joe's comments are really important to give us a glimpse into Brendan's talent.

Joe has been working a coach in the Army lacrosse program for seven years. He has followed the footsteps of renowned Army lacrosse coaches in the United States. One of them is Jack Emmer who was a former American lacrosse coach. He has 326 wins during his career that makes him the holder of highest number of wins in the NCAA history. Another important influence in Joe's life has been Ace Adams. Adams was also an American lacrosse coach. As a head coach, he served in three of the most prestigious places of America: The United States Military Academy, The University of Virginia and The University of Pennsylvania. There's no doubt that Joe's excellent career and resume has led to the strong development of Buckley.

Under the valuable supervision of a devoted coach like Joe, Brendan has been able to show his hidden talents both inside the class and in the field. Hard work and devotion have made Buckley to emerge as the top close defenseman of Army. It was his first achievement while he was carrying out his junior campaign. Then again, he ranked eighth in the list of All-Patriot League selection. He has done a wonderful job in single-game effort that has brought him the title of Patriot League Defensive Player of the Week. Brendan has also been one of the most prolific scorers in all the Army games.

As mentioned above, Brendan has done a great job inside the classroom as well. He has ranked sixteen in the prestigious list of the West Point Class of 2013. In all the semesters, he has been a member of the honorable Dean's List. He has been awarded the Dean's Pentathlete Award for his achievement in different courses, like the military science, physical education and military development.

He has been working as a mentor for his fellow cadets. It is one of the highest valued achievements for a junior cadet like him. In one of his semesters, he has served as Battalion Sergeant Major. Furthermore, he has served as a non-commissioned officer in academic section of his company. In all these instances, he's put forth his 100 percent effort, and has become a fantastic study guide and mentor for his fellow cadets.

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