One Word: Army Football Wrap up Edition

The idea for this column came from "Coach and Company" on ESPN Radio. I will be asking an Army related question before giving a one word answer. This inaugural edition will be looking back at the recently concluded Black Knight football season.

Overall the 2012 Black Knight football season was....?

Repetitive - Army came into the season with high hopes that the option attack and dominant ground game would lead to better results than it did a year ago. Twelve games later however the question that needs to be asked is has anything really changed?

The Black Knights again rushed for more yards per game than anyone else in the country, and again the win total was minimal. In many ways it could be argued that Army regressed in 2012, as even with one of the best quarterbacks in program history the team was only able to post two wins, as opposed to three last season. When all was said and done the season felt like it could never have happened and nothing would be different.

Watching Trent Steelman break down in tears after the Army-Navy game was....?

Heart-wrenching - Most quarterbacks around the nation come to be the face of their team. Outside of perhaps Manti Te'o at Notre Dame you would be hard pressed to find any squad in which the man under center was not the unquestioned leader. Steelman was all that and more to the Black Knights in 2012.

Option quarterbacks take a bigger beating than any other player on the football field. Steelman is not particularly big (listed at an inflated 6-1, 200), but he has the heart of a lion. Game after game he would will the team into the end zone only to feel nothing but the pain of defeat after sixty bone bruising minutes. This all came to a head at the end of the Army-Navy game when the senior failed to beat the Mids for the fourth consecutive year. The resulting scene which played on national TV had even the most hardened Army veteran feeling his pain.

The future of Army football is....?

Cloudy - The 7-6 season which culminated in an Armed Forces Bowl win feels like it happened decades ago already (in reality it has only been two years). Steelman's graduation obviously leaves a gaping hole at quarterback and whoever wins the starting job has massive shoes to fill. Junior Raymond Maples will be back for his senior season though, and he is the kind of horse that the Black Knights can ride if the quarterback play is at least serviceable. One aspect of the game which will have to improve is the game in, game out intensity which Army sorely lacked outside of the military rivalries this year. Top Stories