Army-Morgan State as it happened

Army picked up win No. 1 of the 2013 football season when the Black Knights defeated Morgan State, 28-12, on Friday. Look inside for in-game commentary by football analyst Sheldon Y.


11:03 Holt Zalneraitis sacks Morgan State for a big loss on third and long on the first drive of the game.

9:43 Morgan State punts from its own 48. Army will start its first offensive drive of the 2013 season from its own 5.

9:17 First play of the Army 2013 season is a pass completion for 24 yards! Wow.

8:19 Another completion by Santiago for a first down at the MSU 40.

7:17 Angel Santiago runs for a 33-yard TD on third and 7. Army 7, Morgan State 0.

4:30 Joe Drummond sacks MSU QB for a big loss on third and 8.

1:28 Santiago runs for a gain of 38 and gets 15-yard horse collar penalty added to put the BK's in the red zone

1:00 Santiago to the 1!!

0:37 Touchdown Army and Santiago! Army 14, Morgan State 0


13:03 MSU punter is chased down and then pitifully fails at an attempt to punt. Army ball at MSU 15!

12:06 Santiago fires a 23-yard touchdown pass to Patrick Laird. Army 21, Morgan State 0

8:35 MSU is mounting a solid drive. The Bears are at the Army 40 and moving.

5:26 MSU goes for it on fourth and 4 and make it. Now at the Army 20.

2:50 MSU finally gets on the board off a 1-yard run. Extra point is unsuccessful. Army 21, Morgan State 6

2:34 Santiago lofts a pass to Xavier Moss for a 51-yard gain to the MSU 29.

0:39 Army drive stifled at the MSU 2-yard line. Army goes for it on fourth down but fails.


13:38 Larry Dixon a 38-yard run to MSU 15.

12:36 Santiago scores his third touchdown of the day. Army 28, Morgan State 6

9:57 Long MSU pass completion to Army 18. 41 yards.

8:09 Morgan State gets an 18-yard TD on a reception. PAT missed. Army 28, Morgan State 12.

7:20 Santiago gets sacked. Should have gotten rid of the ball there.

6:29 Army forced to punt after near interception.


15:00 Now in the final quarter, Army's offense has been somewhat stagnant the past few drives.

12:47 Army forced to punt again.

10:13 MSU offense has advanced into Army territory.

8:17 MSU goes for it on fourth down in Army territory and Army holds. Spot of ball is reviewed but still Army ball on Army 33.

6:08 Turrentine runs for 11 to pick up a big Army first down. He takes a hard hit.

2:28 Hayden Tippett has had a couple of good runs and gets Army a first at the MSU 28.

1:00 Looks like Army is just going to run the clock down now and be happy with a 28-12 win.

Ball game. Army wins 28-12. It's refreshing to be 1-0. Next up is Ball State at 1:00 EST on Saturday in Muncie, Ind. Top Stories