Army-Ball State As it happened

Many Army fans were hopeful that things had changed after a win over Morgan State in week 1. However, after Saturday's poor performance at Ball State Black Knight boosters may be believing that 2013 will be a repeat of 2012 or worse. Look inside for an in-game commentary of Army's 40-14 loss to the Cardinals in Indiana.


14:04 Larry Dixon runs for 71-yard TD on third down! 7-0 Army!

11:14 BSU has quickly driven to Army 23.

10:45 9-yard TD run by Horactio Banks ties the score at 7. Defense looks about the same as last season's version. A thought: long TD runs for scores are fun to watch but Army needs to keep the opposing defenses off the field by grinding out long TD drives. This gives the Black Knights the edge in the fourth quarter.

10:31 Terry Baggett rips off a nice 17-yard run for a first.

9:05 Army forced to punt on its second drive.

7:42 Ball State moving at will again. Back in Army territory.

7:00 Army's Ryan Alexander drops BSU's Banks for a 5-yard loss.

4:55 Ball State's Banks tearing Army up. First and goal for BSU at the Army 8.

4:29 Ball State 8-yard TD pass to WR Smith. 14-7 Ball State.

00:01 Quarter ends with Ball State leading Army 14-7 and in Black Knight territory threatening again.


14:23 BSU's QB Keith Wenning is terrorizing us right now.

13:47 Army's Robert Kough makes a nice stop for a loss. Ball State forced to attempt a 47-yard field goal which they make. Army needs to answer. 17-7 BSU.

12:04 Army fumbles and gives Ball State the ball at the BK 21. This could get very ugly quick.

11:10 Army has picked up the pressure on defense and is forcing another field goal. BSU makes a 34-yarder to make it 20-7 Cardinals. Minor victory there for Army.

10:37 Army Dixon muffs the ensuing kickoff but BKs recover. Need to clean things up now!

9:45 Santiago throws over the middle. Ball way off mark.

8:56 Santiago surrounded for a loss on third down but face mask call helps the cause.

8:00 Army has advanced into BSU territory (48).

7:10 Army appears to be going for it on fourth and 6 but chooses to punt instead. 13 yard punt shanked and goes out at 33.

6:02 Jarrett Mackey gets a tackle for 4-yard loss. BSU forced to punt. The defense has stepped it up for sure. If the offense could get a long drive going and score just before the half, this would bode well for the defense and give them an extra breather for the second half.

5:00 Raymond Maples has a solid 22-yard run to the BSU 38-yard line.

3:54 Maples for another first down at the BSU 23.

2:26 Army faces a fourth and 4. Will they kick or go for it? They'll go for it. No they won't. They'll kick. Dan Grochowski misses a 33-yarder.

1:24 Long pass by Wenning to Army 8-yard line. They've gone about 70 yards in a minute.

1:01 Banks runs it in for a TD. 27-7 Ball State at the half.


14:32 Ball State is on the Army 25 just 28 seconds into the second half.

12:50 First and goal BSU at the Army 2.

11:20 Ball State seems to have backed off on passing. Army has forced another field goal attempt. Secor makes an extra point distance field goal to make it 30-7 BSU.

10:41 Disaster. Army's Stephen Fraser fumbles a kick off at the BK 11. Ball State's Wenning needs just one play for a TD pass. 37-7 BSU.

8:06 BSU has called off the dogs somewhat. Army just forced a punt by BSU. Wenning actually punted after acting like the Cardinals were going for it. Army pinned deep. Let's get some first downs and burn the clock up and go home.

6:33 Breaking news. Army has recovered a fumble by Ball State!

4:30 Army went for it on fourth and 1 and got the first.

1:57 BK's go for it again it again and make it at the 9-yard line. Larry Dixon runs it in for 6 on the next play. Nice going there. 37-14 Ball State.

00:00 That's the end of the third quarter. Ball State 37, Army 14. Let's get some young guys in during the final stanza.


12:19 BSU adds another field goal. Now 40-14 Ball State.

10:45 Santiago throws an interception. Where are those fine passes we saw against Morgan State? BSU ball at Army 40.

8:40 A.J. Schurr now in at QB for Army. Huge gain there by Schurr running the ball.

7:30 Schurr looks more decisive but remember he's facing 2nd and 3rd stringers.

6:47 Maples injured. He jogs off the field briskly though.

6:31 Army has driven to the Ball State 6.

4:44 Delay of game penalty on Army on third and goal. Pathetic.

4:07 Army unable to convert on fourth down near BSU goal line. Ball goes over to Cardinals.

1:07 Army again has advanced into Cardinal territory.

0:41 Schurr sacked.

0:06 Ball State takes over on downs. That will be it. Army loses by 26 despite gaining just one less total yard than BSU (439). Turnovers, mistakes and the inability to convert will do that to you.

FINAL Ball State 40, Army 14

Next week it's Stanford. The team I picked to win the National Championship. Top Stories