Baggett discusses his record setting game

Army's Terry Baggett had a record setting rushing game against Eastern Michigan on Saturday. The slotback from Chicago gained 304 yards and scored four touchdowns on just 18 carries. His performance set a new record for West Point single game rushing yardage by a player.

On his 96-yard scoring run:

"When we were running the plays, I knew the line was going to execute. I knew everything else was going to be perfectly aligned and all I had to do was run the ball. On that 96-yard run, all I did was run straight down the field. I didn't have to make anybody miss. That is a sign of great execution by everyone else, and that makes it easy."

On what he was thinking during his runs:

"In my mind, I was thinking I couldn't let anyone get close to me so I just kept running as hard as I could." On Army's improved blocking:

"For running backs specifically, there was a big focus on blocking in practice this week. We knew that we could be better blockers than we had been in the previous few games. That was the focus, and we came out here and executed today."

On whether or not he knew he had broken the Army single game rushing record during the game:

"I had no idea. People keep telling me that I broke the Army rushing record for a single game. Knowing all the people that have been here before me, it hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm just happy we won the game and I could be out there with my brothers going as hard as we could every single play."


1. Terry Baggett E. Michigan2013304
2. Michael Wallace Louisville1999269
3. Charlie Jar vis Boston College1968253
4. Akili King Colgate 1993235
5. Collin Mooney E. Michigan 2008229
6. Mike Mayweather VMI 1990227
7. Carlton Jones USF2004225
8. Bob Anderson Utah 1957214
9. Carlton Jones Air Force 2004213
10. Greg King Holy Cross 1977212
10. Trent Steelman E. Michigan 2012212 Top Stories