Army-Air Force As it Happened

Army lost to Air Force 42-28 on Saturday in Colorado Springs. Look inside for in-game commentary as the rival match happened.


Army wearing spiffy black pants with ACU pattern jerseys and helmet. Air Force wears their traditional blue bolt uniforms.

14:54 Terry Baggett with a big run on first offensive play.

14:10 Baggett for a run of 21.

12:49 Angel Santiago runs tthe AF 8.

11:55 Apparent Army TD snuffed by a offside penalty.

10:48 Santiago 4-yard run gets Black Knights on top, 7-0.

10:19 Air force's Nate Romine fumbles but Falcons recover.

9:51 Anthony LaCoste runs away from Army D on the way to a 74-yard TD score. Score tied at 7-7.

8:33 Santiago picks up first down on third and 1.

8:07 Larry Dixon has a nice run and gets into Air Force territory.

6:50 Trenton Turrentine picks up another Army first on third down.

6:13 Santiago losses yardage on first down.

5:11 Santiago completes pass to Anthony Stephens for first down at AF 25.

4:52 Army's Aaron Kemper runs for 11 yards to the AF 14.

4:31 Baggett to the AF 4 for another first.

4:09 Air Force face mask penalty puts ball at 1 foot line.

3:23 Santiago scores on keeper to put Army back in front, 14-7.

2:37 Colton Huntsman picks up five for the Falcons.

2:27 Romine breaks loose for a 20-yard run into Army territory at 47.

1:20 Devin Rushing tackled for a 5-yard loss which forces a punt by the Falcons. Punt backs up Army at its own 15.

0:32 Baggett for nine on first down.

0:01 First quarter ends with Army leading 14-7.


14:21 Santiago runs for a first at AF 37.

13:42 Santiago overthrows Stephens on a deep route.

13:37 Santiago gains three for another Army first down.

13:12 Baggett to the Air Force 43.

12:10 Santiago runs for 11 for an Army first down. Possible fumble by Army challenged by Air Force. Call of no fumble confirmed. Army first down at AF 29.

9:53 AF's Christian Spear for a big tackle for a loss.

10:37 Air Force's defense forces an Army fourth down.

9:57 Army 48-yard field goal attempt blocked. AF ball at Army 46

8:56 LaCoste runs for a first down in Army territory.

8:33 Romine pass complete to Brown for AF first down at Army 22.

7:08 Air Force faces a fourth and 2 at Army 14. Falcons go for it and get a touchdown by Garret Brown. Score tied at 14.

5:35 Xavier Moss snags a 19-yard pass at the AF 43 yard line.

4:54 Late hit by Air Force by Dexter Walker put Army at AF 12.

3:24 Penalty on Army pushes gain to the AF 1 back to the 11 for third down.

2:46 Santiago nearly makes it to first down at 1, just short. Fourth and inches at AF 1.

2:06 Army gets a first down at 1/2 yard line of AF.

1:58 Santiago from 1 yard for six points. 21-14 Army.

1:52 Anthony LaCoste runs for 44 yards to Army's 32.

1:09 Air Force pass to Griffin at Army 3 for a first down.

0:11 Romine 1-yard run ties score at 21.

Halftime: Air Force 21, Army 21


13:47 Army forces an AF three and out on its first drive.

12:32 Late hit by Dexter Walker gives Army a first down at own 46.

11:09 Dixon runs to the AF 30.

9:20 Army drive stalls at AF 22. Daniel Grochowski misses 39-yard field goal, wide right.

8:37 LaCoste gives Air Force the lead on a 78-yard run! 28-21 Falcons.

7:55 Air Force's spirited defense forces a third and long for Army.

6:42 Army punt bounces wrong way to Army 42.

5:06 Army's defense forces a AF punt which back them up at own 10.

4:24 Army's Baggett gets BK's a first down.

3:20 Army faces another third and long.

2:50 Air Force forces another Army punt on fourth and 2.

0:55 Falcon's Rushing gets a first down in Army territory.

0:33 Romine completes a short pass to Myles Barnes. Pass interference tacked on for first down.


14:54 28-yard pass by Romine to Garrett Brown puts Air Force inside Army five.

14:45 LaCoste scores on a 1-yard run. He's yet another running back to run wild on Army. Air Force 35, Army 21.

13:40 Long pass by Santiaqo to Baggett gets Army to AF 33.

12:38 Santiago sacked Robert Green for big loss on second down.

12:13 Facing a third and 16 Santiago completes a short pass to Chevaughn Lawrence. On fourth and 6 Army will go for it.

11:28 Santiago badly misses on fourth and 6 pass. Falcons take over ball at own 29.

9:46 Army forces another three and out by the Air Force offense.

7:40 Air Force forces another Army three and out punt. Air Force's Brown muffs punt which is picked up and ran into end zone but brought back to the 25-yard line of Air Force.

5:58 Baggett 10-yard run pulls Army to within 7. 35-28 Air Force.

5:53 Air Force throws to Brown on first down for a first down.

5:18 Army called for pass interference when player didn't appear to touch receiver.

5:08 Romine ropes a pass to Garrett Griffin for an AF first down.

4:34 Brown's catch puts Falcons at Army 8.

3:41 Broam Hart bulls into the end zone for an Air Force TD. 42-28 Air Force.

2:42 Army goes three and out on the ensuing drive after the AF score. Army had more first downs, dominated TOP and had less turnovers but will lose by 2 TDs to Air Force.

00:00 There you have it. Air Force wins rival match over Army, 42-28. A major blow for Army's longshot bowl hopes but a bright day for the Falcons in what had been a dismal season up to now. Top Stories