Photo Gallery: Army falls to Navy

Army fell to Navy 34-7 on Saturday in Philadelphia. The loss was the Black Knight's twelfth in a row to the Mids. Look inside for exclusive photos courtesy of Alison Althouse.

Army players Marcus Poling (#30) and Scott Williams (#15) head in to the locker room to finish getting ready for the big game.

Army Game Ball Relay team completes the run to bring the game ball into the stadium.

The officials join in reverent attention to the Invocation by West Point's chaplain, Father Edson Wood.

The Corps of Cadets participate in the "Card Trick" as the entire stadium celebrates America's Game

The individual parts of the Card Trick came together well as the entire stadium became an overall photo to celebrate America's Game, complete with flag, stars, and stripes.

The Black Nights run the colors in through the line of cadets as the snow begins to fly.

Army's Exchange Cadets prepare to rejoin their teammates, complete with "Sink'em" in red tape on the backs of their uniform coats.

Army Cobra helicopters participated in the flyover.

Army won the coin toss and deferred to the second half, so the Black Knight's Daniel Grochowski (#95) kicks off to start the game.

Army's Hayden Pierce (#9) stops Navy's #21 (DeBrandon Sanders) at the Navy 36 as Robert Kough (Army #99) and Mike Ugenyi (Army #92) come to help.

Army's James Kelly (#43) gets credit for the final stop on Navy's #19 (Keenan Reynolds) and helps get the ball into Army's hands.

Stephen Shumaker (Army #70) and Ryan Powis (Army #52) get ready to work in Army's first offensive play of the day.

Army QB A.J. Schurr (#11) hands off to Terry Baggett (#31) who rushes for 7 yards before being stopped at the Army27.

A.J. Schurr (Army #11) fumbles the ball at the Army33, but it's ultimately recovered by Army at the 13 yard line.

Army's A.J. Schurr (#11) is stopped at the Army23, short of the first down, by Navy's #46 (Chris Johnson).

The Army pep band keeps the Corps of Cadets focused, in spite of the snow.

Black Knight Robert Kough (#99) wraps up Navy's #19 (Keenan Reynolds) before he can rush for the first down, causing Navy to punt again.

Army's Larry Dixon (#26) rushes for 2 yards before being stopped by Navy's #53 (Cody Peterson) and #52 (D.J. Sargenti) in Army's second drive of the game.

Black Knights A.J. Schurr looks for an open receiver before a series of fumbles, ultimately recovered by Navy.

Army's Julian Crockett (#18) returns the kickoff to the Army31 after Navy's successful field goal (score at 01:22 in 1st quarter; Army 0, Navy 3).

Black Knights Tony Giovannelli (#19) eludes a tackle to rush 11 yards for another Army First Down at the Army42

At the end of Army's first drive of the second quarter, Terry Baggett (#31) is tackled on 4th down for a loss, by Navy's #46 (Chris Johnson) and #1 (Brandon Clements).

Black Knights Angel Santiago (#3) continues at the helm for Army as they start their second drive of the second quarter.

Army's Robert Kough (#99) catches and takes down Navy's #19 (Keenan Reynolds) for a loss at the 50 yard line.

Black Knights offense and defense swap places after the Navy TD - Score at 02:38; Army 0, Navy 17.

Army's Tony Giovannelli (#19) rushes around the side before being stopped for a loss of 5 yards by Navy's #17 (Kwazel Bertrand) - assist by #13 (Jordan Drake).

Black Knights' Alex Tardieu (#80) has a 42 yard punt - protected by Army's Derek Sanchez (#94) as Navy's #38 (William Tuider) looks for the block.

Navy's progress is halted short of the first down marker and Army takes over at the Army29 with the clock at 9:39 in the third quarter.

Army's Larry Dixon (#25) starts the Black Knights' scoring drive at the Army29 with a handoff from Angel Santiago (Army #3).

Army's Angel Santiago (#3) rushes fo 26 yards before being brought down at the Navy32 by Navy's #13 (Jordan Drake).

Army's only TD of the day is made by Angel Santiago (#3) on a 4 yd rush at 06:36. Navy's #17 (Kwazel Bertrand) is unable to keep Santiago out of the endzone.

The extra point after Santiago's TD run, by Army's Daniel Grochowski (#95), is good - the score is now Army 7, Navy 17.

The cheerleaders rejoice in the score change and do their best to excite the Corps of Cadets.

Never giving up, Army's Jarrett Mackey (#34) stops the forward progress of Navy's #19 (Keenan Reynolds).

Black Knights' Geoffrey Bacon (#6) holds Navy's #37 (Chris Swain) to a 9 yard rush at the Army36.

An incomplete pass to Navy #21 (DeBrandon Sanders) is broken up by Army's Hayden Pierce (#9) but an unsportsmanlike penalty (roughing the passer) moves Navy closer to another score.

Black Knights' Chris Carnegie (#14) wraps up Navy's #37 (Chris Swain) to hold Navy to a one yard gain.

Army is unable to keep Navy out of scoring distance and a Navy field goal adjusts the score at 01:04 to Army 7, Navy 20. This will also be the score at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Navy's #19 (Keenan Reynolds) continued his assault on the field in the fourth quarter by rushing for two more touchdowns and catching a pass for a successful two-point conversion. Final score, after the fourth quarter of play, is Army 7, Navy 34.

Photos by Alison Althouse for Top Stories