Jeff Monken Introduced to Army Nation

The United State Military Academy formally introduced a new head coach at a morning press conference today. Look inside for commentary from head coach Jeff Monken and Athletic Director Boo Corrigan.

Prior to introducing Army 37th head football coach, athletic director Boo Corrigan spoke about the hiring process. Corrigan stated that on the Sunday 15th of December he and Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr. made the decision to fire Ellerson. On Monday Corrigan and Caslen met the current player, former players and other to get opinions on what Army should look for in a head coach.

A list of acceptable candidates was "vetted" on Tuesday and Wednesday. Interviews of candidates took place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday off post.

Some of the things Corrigan stated that he and Caslen were looking for in a new head coach included an understanding and appreciation of West Point and its mission, the ability to inspire, experience with a tradition of winning, and an insatiable appetite for recruiting.

After some more commentary Corrigan introduced Monken.
As we went through this here was one name that came up over and over again as we talked to other people," said Corrigan. "Then we had the opportunity to meet with coach Monken and it was his want, his drive and his dedication to always do thigs right that led us to this moment. It is now my pleasure, on behalf of the Superintendent, to introduce you to your new football coach, Jeff Monken.
Monken stepped up the podium and gave the usual thanks to all involved at both his new employers at West Point along with classy remarks on his former employers at Georgia Southern.
I'm tremendously honored and feel privelidged to stand before you as the head coach at the United States Military Academy. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the head football coach at one of the world's premier academic institutions, one of the most storied programs in college football. To walk through last night through the Hall of Fame and see the National Championships, the Heisman Tophies, the football coaches that have been the head coach, been and assistant coaches here. Just to read the names and to join that group of men is an incredible feeling.
Monken commented extensively about his 13-year coaching experience with Paul Johnson but steered clear of directly mentioning Army's rival, Navy, call them as, "one of our nation's other academies."

The quote that likely is of most interest to rabid Army fans is his commentary about formulating solid team play despite being under-manned, as Army often is.
We are not going to masquerade about who we are. There will be very few Saturday's where we are bigger, faster, more athletic collectively than the teams that we play. We always believed that it didn't take the best players to win; it took the best team to win and we are going to field the best team. We are going to be tough, we are going to be disciplined, we are going to play with pride, with passion, with great effort. We are going to field a team that everybody's going to be proud to say, 'That's our team, that's Army's football team.'
Monken emphasized the importance of getting a staff together and reaching out to the current commits, and current players. He said those are his most important priorities right now.

L-R: Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen Jr., Jeff Monken and Boo Corrigan. (Courtesy of USMA) Top Stories