Crossdale: Visit to West Point sealed deal

Running back Malik Crossdale of Fordham Preparatory Academy (Bronx, N.Y.) signed with the U.S. Military Academy in February. Look inside for a story with quotes from Crossdale.

"It was a fun day to do all the interviews and get the extra attention from the school" said Malik Crossdale, who had his Signing Day ceremony postponed two day because of bad weather in the New York City area . "I was looking at schools with high academics. My finals two schools were Boston College and Army. Military life is going to e something new for me, but since I committed the idea of serving has been growing on me a lot. I'm excited to go in and get a feel for it.

"After the coaching change [at Army] I started looking at other school's but I went to West Point on my official visit on January 17 and that sealed the deal for me. I think the new coaches are going to bring Army back. I found them to be honest, genuine, and I got along with them really well.

"On the visit, we talked about how they were going to use me in the offense running some options sweeps. That would be a big thing for me because I'm a speed guy and like to take it to the edge. I'm going to start out at prep and get back to the fundamentals of the game and reading defenses better so I'll be ready to go next year."

Crossdale, 5-foot-11, 203-pounds, was a three-year starter at Fordham Prep, but only played in six games as a senior due to an ankle injury. He said he has rehabbed it well and is close to being back to 100-percent. Top Stories