Army 33, Ball State 24

WEST POINT-- In a driving rain, Army rushed for 425 yards and four touchdowns in beating Ball State 33-24. The win improved the the Black Knight's record to 2-3 on the season. Look inside for coach and player quotes from after the game.

Army head coach Jeff Monken:

“I am so incredibly proud of our team and our players. Proud of the effort and enthusiasm that they had out there today and how they executed. That was the difference. The last couple of weeks we had opportunities to win those games and we didn’t come through. It came right down to execution of our fundamentals and our assignments. We blew a couple of assignments and we didn’t play our fundamentals the way that we were taught and it cost us at times. We did a really good job as a football team this week of practicing with a focus and an intensity that it takes to win. I noticed on Monday when we came out, and frankly you just don’t know, and having not gone through a season with these guys yet, to be sitting there 1-3 I didn’t know what their mindset would be and how we would approach practice on Monday. But I thought the guys came out really focused and there is clearly an attitude among these guys that they weren’t ready to quit and they wanted to fight and they recognize that the reasons we weren’t winning those games that we had an opportunity to and we were falling short fell solely on the assignments and executions of our fundamentals. So they came out and did a great job on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty heavy practices for us. Back-to-back the two best practices since we’ve been here and Thursday we came back and did a great job. That was the difference. Those guys practiced really hard and put the time in, put the investment in and believed and I though just approached the game with such a great mindset and just a credit to them and their resolve for having been disappointed the last couple of weeks. It was a great victory for us. That is a very well coached football team. I have such a tremendous respect for Pete Lembo. He and I have faced off against each other before as head coaches and I think he just does an unbelievable job with his team and the results that he has gotten just going back to those bowl game the last two years is a testament to his ability to motivate and to coach. Kevin Kelly, who is the defensive coordinator, he and I were assistant coaches together for two years, and I just think he is an outstanding football coach, so to beat a team that I think is as talented as they are and is as well coached as they are I think is a big victory for Army and hopefully something we can build on.”

Army quarterback Angel Santiago

“It meant a lot to us. It started on Monday at practice. We had a change of heart and decided what we did the last two weeks is not going to happen. To finish like this and to commit like we did was a blessing.”

Running back Larry Dixon

“When you look at that game, all you’re going to see is five linemen absolutely block their hearts out. The defense has giving us a ton of energy and (Alex) Tardieu punting the ball down to their one yard line was great. I’m so fortunate to be a part of this team.”

Army linebacker Jeremy Timpf

“This week’s practice was the best week of practice we’ve had all year. Everybody was hitting on the same page. I didn’t have too many tackles, but I have to give credit for the great plays from the defensive line.”

Ball State Head Coach Peter Lembo

"It's a good Army team. It's always different seeing them in person, but, not to take anything away from them because I thought that they, short of some ball handling issues themselves and these conditions that impacted both teams, executed pretty well. And then in some other cases we either missed a tackle, didn't play the ball well in the air or might have had a breakdown from an assignment standpoint. I think they're a very good running team, a good offensive team, but we didn't help ourselves." Top Stories