Coates talks Army visit

Glen Coates traveled to West Point this past weekend with three of his Davidson Day teammates for the Ball State game. The 6-foot, 185-pound wide receiver from the Charlotte, N.C., area received an Army offer in the spring and has been heavily recruited by the staff ever since. Although soaked by the early October rain at Michie Stadium, Coates came away impressed with what he saw.

"The rain was the only downside," Coates told "Aside from that it was great. We started out on Thursday morning to visit college campuses. It was Nolan Lynch, his father, John, who is a West Point graduate, Trevor Darby, who also has an Army offer, and Cullen McGahan. We went to schools like Lehigh, Bucknell, and Gettysburg then arrived at West Point on Saturday before the game. We took a tour of the campus as well as the prep school, which was real nice.

"We saw Coach Bateman and Coach Waugh and they asked us if we had any questions, but I figured a lot out on my own just by taking to people at the prep school. We were talking to Richard Brown, who went to Davidson Day and now plays basketball at Army. He said he loves it and was helpful in answering my questions.

"The coolest part was, on a private tour, our guide showed us the equipment room. We were in the locker room them went back to the equipment room to see some of the new things they got in recently. I was impressed because I didn't know Army was a top five contact for Nike. The other thing was getting to experience the game day atmosphere. Going up there, I had no idea what it was going to be like. It's really cool. I'm glad they came away with the win."

In the spring, Coates received his offer from Army from a visiting Jay Bateman. He received an offer from Gardner-Webb the following day, and then one from Navy two days later.

"Coach Bateman asked me that day if I had the chance to play at Army would I go," he said. "I told him 'yes sir, I would'. I've talked to him on Twitter every week since then and call him every so often. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with the head coach on the phone. We said that he was excited about me coming up there. In fact, he told me when I was there that he wanted to see me after the game, but the weather situation prevented that plus I was there with another family.

"In the weight room [at Army] Coach Waugh said he believes I can be a big-time wide receiver there, but Coach Bateman was telling me he thinks I can covert over to cornerback or safety. I thought the offer was at wide receiver, but I guess it's as an athlete."

Coates has eight touchdowns in six games at Davidson Day. He's played wide receiver, running back, and quarterback for a surprising 6-0 Patriot team.

"Everybody doubted us coming into the season because we lost our quarterback," said Coates. "Last year we had Will Grier, who went to Florida. We've been proving them wrong. We started out with 24 players, but keep losing people. We were down to 18, but Chase Monroe, who is a big sophomore college recruit, got hurt. So we were down to 17 players in our last game. It was a gutsy win over Marvin Ridge."

Growing up in ACC territory, Coates says it was his goal to play at a school like Duke or North Carolina, but is now looking hard at the two military academies.

"To be honest, I wasn't looking at Army or Navy," he explained. "I was always a big ACC guy. I've talked to a bunch of different people who went to West Point and they tell me it's a different college experience, but one with you do with what it will mean later in life.

"I haven't heard as much from Navy but I do receive a lot of mail from them. I did go to Gardner-Webb three weeks ago and it was a pretty campus. I didn't know that it was all that it was, but it's very nice. With our team, we don't talk a lot about recruiting, we just play. I know i have thing to think about like proximity to home, my major, the atmosphere around the campus. I want to go somewhere where I'll know somebody. I've never been one to have to start over completely."

Davidson Day is coached by Chad Grier, Will's father. He was the first coach hired by the school in 2010 when they decided to begin fielding a varsity football team. Top Stories