Army lands four on Steele team

Four Army players were recently named to Phil Steele's All-Independent team. Running back Larry Dixon, offensive lineman Matt Hugenberg, linebacker Jeremy Timpf and defensive back Josh Jenkins were all part of the squad. Look inside for the complete team listing.

Phil Steele's 2014 Postseason All-Independent Team

QB: Keenan Reynolds (Navy)
RB: Larry Dixon (Army)
RB: Noah Copeland (Navy)
WR: Will Fuller (Notre Dame)
WR: Mitch Mathews (BYU)
WR: Jordan Leslie (BYU)
TE: Ben Koyack (Notre Dame)
OL: Tejan Koroma (BYU)
OL: Jake Zuzek (Navy)
OL: Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)
OL: De'ondre Wesley (BYU)
OL: Matt Hugenberg (Army)

DL: Jarron Jones (Notre Dame)
DL: Sheldon Day (Notre Dame)
DL: Will Anthony (Navy)
LB: Jaylon Smith (Notre Dame)
LB: Jeremy Timpf (Army)
LB: Bronson Kaufusi (BYU)
LB: Jordan Drake (Navy)
LB: Joe Schmidt (Notre Dame)
DB: Josh Jenkins (Army)
DB: Cole Luke (Notre Dame)
DB: Robertson Daniel (BYU)
DB: Dkye PoVey (BYU)

K: Trevor Samson (BYU)
P: Scott Arellano (BYU)
KR: Adam Hine (BYU)
PR: Cody Riggs (Notre Dame) Top Stories