Army Football Strength of Schedule Ranked 69

The NCAA has a fairly archaic method of ranking the strength of schedule of their FBS teams prior to the year actually beginning. The way the NCAA does this is by strictly taking the win/loss record from a team’s opponents the year before and converting this into a percentage.

By this method the Black Knights schedule for 2015 is pretty much in the middle of the road compared to everyone else in the nation.

Army’s strength of schedule, by using this method, is 69th out of the 128 teams playing FBS football. Last fall their opponents for the upcoming season went a combined 79-72, which is good for a winning percentage of 52.32%. To put that into some sort of perspective the stat puts the Black Knights SOS in the same region as Nebraska (67), Oklahoma State (68), and Missouri (73). It also has Army slightly behind Air Force (65), but way ahead of Navy who has a schedule ranked at 119th in the country.

Connecticut with their schedule strength of 22 is by far the team with the strongest strength of schedule that Army will play this fall according to these ratings. After that you have to go all the way down to the 50s and lower to find Penn State (50), Rutgers and Wake Forest (tied at 61), and Air Force (65). With all these teams playing Navy and their 8-5 record boosting the SOS by three games, there must be some very low level games being played by the Black Knights opponents in 2015.

The Army schedule is slightly skewed by the two games the Black Knights will be playing against FCS competition this fall. Army opens the season with a home game against Fordham and also has a home game with Bucknell in the middle of October. In addition to Navy and their schedule rank of 119, the Black Knights also face strength of schedule destroyers in Eastern Michigan (96), Rice (97), and Duke (102). There are plenty of opportunities on this schedule for Army to exceed their 4-8 record from 2014, especially with three or four very winnable home games on deck. Top Stories