Trent Steelman Chasing his NFL Dream

Last time we saw Trent Steelman on a football field he was inconsolable after pushing Navy all the way in a 17-13 defeat in his final Army Navy game. While Steelman may never have claimed the victory over the Midshipmen which he so craved, the former Army West Point quarterback is now aiming at another of his dreams, playing in the NFL.

Steelman may have finished his Black Knights career as one of the top 15 rushing quarterbacks in the history of the sport, but the market for running quarterbacks with his size and frame in the NFL in non-existent. Armed with that knowledge Steelman switched to slot receiver, still a position which is growing in importance in the NFL, and he did enough during the brief period after the season had finished and before the NFL Draft in April 2013 to get noticed.

As soon as the draft was over Steelman got a call from the Baltimore Ravens who were looking to sign him as a priority undrafted free agent. Being picked up in this manner is often better than being a late round draft pick as the player has the ability to go to a team which has holes at their position and thus has a better chance of making the team. With Academy players though the journey is often different, and so it proved when Steelman had to turn down the invite to fulfil his military obligations.

Steelman was off living the Army life, stationed at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, Georgia, when suddenly and out of the blue he got a phone call informing him that he was free from his commitments and that he was able to go chase his dream.

Since that call Steelman has been focusing on nothing other than fighting his way onto an NFL roster. He obviously kept in shape during his military days, but upon returning home to Bowling Green, Kentucky he adjusted his workout schedule to one which would benefit an NFL slot wide out. Steelman attended the NFL Veteran combine in March and with the feedback he received he hopes to parlay that into a minicamp invite after the 2015 NFL Draft this weekend.

Obviously this is one of the more unique routes to the NFL you are ever likely to see, but if Steelman gets that post-draft phone call this time it would shock no one if he turned the opportunity into a regular season roster spot.

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