Three Keys – Army vs Wake Forest

Army will look for its first win of the 2015 season at the third attempt this Saturday when Wake Forest visits West Point. The Black Knights have been competitive and have lost the two games by a combined seven points, but the losing streak is already beginning to wear on the coaching staff and the players.

There are a number of winnable games on this schedule, but the sooner the goose egg is broken the less pressure will be heaped on the team and the better the performances will be.

With that being said here are the three keys to Army’s clash with the Demon Deacons:

1) Slow down quarterback John Wolford

The quarterback versus defense matchup is a very bad one this week for the Black Knights. Army is allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete passes at a clip of 12.3 yards per attempt, which is dead last in the country. If Army had been facing a murders row of quarterbacks this might be understandable, but to say that has not been the case is a massive understatement. Wake Forest quarterback John Wolford is averaging 9.7 yards per attempt and he has surpassed 300 yards passing in both the Demon Deacons games so far. Stopping Wolford will be next to impossible based on the statistics, but Army will have a shot if they can slow him down.

2) Work the fullbacks more

This was what was said last week in this very spot:

“The bread and butter of the triple option offense is the fullback dive. If the fullbacks are able to plow forward for decent yardage on first and second down, then the whole playbook opens up as the linebackers have to respect the men crashing up field inside. If the fullbacks are not gaining their yards, then the defense can be more flexible and work on tracking down the quarterback and slot back runs. Against Fordham the Army fullbacks rushed a combined nine times for 46 yards. This isn’t nearly enough work for the triple option to be a success. This number needs to be at least 15 and the yardage must double for Army to win.”

The fullbacks then went out and rushed seven times for 17 yards.

Must. Do. Better.

3) Control the clock

This team is designed for the offense to stay on the field for long periods and control the clock. The Black Knights are always at a disadvantage when it comes to athletes and size, so chewing up clock with sustained drives is the best way to give the defense time to recover and rest on the sideline. The fullback is a big part of this, but against UConn the Black Knights lost the time of possession battle at a 2:1 ratio. If Army is to beat Wake Forest the tempo of the game must be better controlled. Top Stories