Three Keys Revisited – Army vs Wake Forest

Army West Point suffered its third defeat of the season on Saturday as a 47-yard field goal from Mike Weaver as time expired saw Wake Forest prevail 17-14 at Michie Stadium. The win is the Demon Deacons ninth in a row over the Black Knights dating back to 1990, but this was a game which Army will look back on and wonder how they didn’t manage to come away with a victory.

Here is a look back at the three keys:

1) Slow down quarterback John Wolford - Pass

Wake Forest quarterback John Wolford came into the game just tearing up defenses to the tune of over 300 yards per game. Wolford, however, was knocked out of the game in the first quarter having completed 3-of-5 passes for 16 yards and an interception. This gave him a quarterback rating for the game of 0.3. Wolford was replaced by freshman Kendall Hinton who brought a whole different skill set to the table. Hinton was 15-0f-27 for 159 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions through the air. However, he critically added 17 rushes for 101 yards and two killer touchdowns on the ground. All in all Army did a solid job defensively against the two quarterbacks and gave the offense a chance to win the game.

2) Work the fullbacks more - Pass

After rushing the ball seven times for 17 yards last weekend it was imperative that Army got the fullbacks more involved against Wake Forest. Matt Giachinta and Aaron Kemper combined to rush the ball 19 times for 61 yards against Wake Forest. This may not be a devastating average, but it allowed Army to get more out of the slot backs with the Wake defenders more committed to stay inside and stop the fullback dive. If the two fullbacks can improve on this performance than the rushing attack will be more effective and maintain its balance.

3) Control the clock – Pass

The Black Knights went from losing the possession battle 2:1 against UConn to controlling the clock for over 32 minutes against Wake Forest. This is obviously only a small time of possession advantage, but it is much more indicative of how the clock must be controlled for Army to win games. This contest was decided by a last second field goal, so it is obvious that one or two different breaks of the ball would have resulted in a Black Knights win. Controlling the time of possession is one way Army can make more of those breaks go in their favor. Top Stories