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Army-Navy as it happened

PHILADELPHIA-- Mistakes and turnovers cost the Army West Point Black Knights dearly in the 2015 Army-Navy game. Here is a commentary on the game as it happened.


It's a beautiful day in Philadelphia.  Clear skies and temperatures in the 60s, a far cry from the icy conditions of the last several games. 

Navy wearing all blue and their spiffy special helmets.  Army in white jerseys, black pants, and new black helmets.  

12:39 Army forces a Navy punt on fourth down. A Huge 50-yard punt return by Edgar Poe to Navy 40.

10:37 After an Army fumble and penalty Carter completes a long pass to Poe at Navy 20. 

8:31 Grochowski 31-yard field goal puts Army on top 3-0.

7:58 Army lead is short-lived.  A 58-yard run by Keenan Reynolds puts Navy on top 7-3. 

5:20 Chris Carter runs for a first down on Army's second drive, then completes a first down pass to Poe. Army at Navy 30.

4:10 Tyler Campbell for a 29-yard TD run down right side!  Army 10, Navy 7.

4:00 Long pass by Reynolds puts Navy deep in Army territory.

3:00 Big stop by Army's defense on third down.  Stuffed Reynolds for a loss. 

0:45 Army forced to punt on the third drive of game.  Navy takes over at Army 49.  

Army leads Navy 10-7 at the end of the first quarter. 


14:21 Reynolds avoids a sack and runs to the Army 4. 

12:18 Reynolds 2-yard run puts Navy on top 14-10.

7:08 Carter passes for eight yards to Poe for Army first down at Navy 36.

4:24 Army forced to punt. Navy ball at own 20.

4:00 Reynolds fumbles for loss of five.

3:20 Reynolds sacked for loss to 2. 

2:58 Navy forced to punt after Reynolds nearly throws an interception.

2:45 Army's Christian Drake runs for 15 to Navy 40. 

2:08 Chris Carter 40-yard touchdown pass to Edgar Poe. Army 17, Navy 14. 

0:43 Navy gains key first down after going for it on fourth-and-1.

Army leads Navy 17-14 at the half.  


13:26 Army forced to punt on the first drive after costly chop block penalty.

11:58 Navy forced to punt on their first drive on half.

10:23 Big sack by Navy forces an Army punt on their second drive of the half.

9:48 Huge pass breakup by Army's Xavier Moss. 

8:40 Army forces Navy to punt. Black Knight defense shutting down Navy's running game.  

5:51 Reynold's 50-yard pass to wide open Jamir Tillman puts Navy back on top 21-17.

4:15 Army forced to punt again after Carter is sacked.

2:46 Army forces another Navy punt on a TFL by Andrew King.

2:14 Carter pass to Poe for 30 yards and an Army first down at midfield.  Poe has been making big plays all game. 

1:42 Aaron Kemper runs up the middle to the Navy 31.

Navy leads Army 21-17 at the end of the third quarter. 


12:40 Carter third down pass complete to DeAndre Bell but short of first.

12:19 Danial Grochowski (Army) field goal falls short from 29 yards.  Had to make that. 

9:46 Navy forced to punt. Army ball at own 27.  Both team's defenses have done well against the run in the second half.

8:37 Carter pass complete to Bell for a 39-yard gain.  

8:33 Disaster. An Army un-forced fumble recovered by Navy at Navy 34-yard line.  

3:43 Army forces Navy punt.  Black Knights will get the ball at their own 20. 

3:27 Army's Carter throws an interception on first play of Army's drive after the punt. 

3:01 Army's Carter completes a 35-yard pass to Tyler Campbell. 

2:04 DeAndre Bell's trick play halfback pass is intercepted deep in Army territory.

0:11 Army's last chance drive starts at its own 42-yard line.

0:05 Luke Langdon's pass is incomplete.

0:00 Langdon's final play, bomb to the end zone is incomplete.  It hit Poe in the hands.

Army (2-10) falls to Navy (10-2) 21-17 in a thriller.  The Black Knights had their chances but couldn't convert.  It's the 14th straight loss to Navy for the Black Knights. Unofficially, Chris Carter passes for 208 yards and a touchdown on 9-of-15 completions.  Next year Army should have Chris Carter back. On the other side- Army won't have to deal with Navy's Keenan Reynolds anymore. I see a light at the end of the tunnel for the Black Knights. 

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