Football: Army Freshman Photo Gallery

If there was anything noticeable at Media Day was the condition of the team overall. Everyone appeared to be in outstanding shape, although the "football shape" is where they will headed over the next few weeks.

The incoming freshmen were impressive relative to how well conditioned they appeared, especially after just coming off of "Beast".

There were a few they just stood out though. Most notable was Joe Sponem, who at 6'4" 280, didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on him -- nor did his teammate, tight end Tim Dunn & DE, Cameron Craig.

Well, here are a few photos of some the new Black Knights from Media Day.

LB, Barrett Scruggs

Top row: Collier, Padegimas & Green and Bottom row: Sponem, Dunn & Craig.

OL, Joe Sponem (#73) & Hamilton Cadwell (#55).

RB, Andre Broussard & QB, Chase Laws (#10)

DB's, Sean (#26) & Chris (#2) Grevious

RB, Tielor Robinson; QB, Chase Laws; WR, Walter Hill & LB, Barrett Scruggs

LS, Weisner; RB, Paladino; OL, Cadwell & OL, Connon.

Safety, Bryan Vavruska

Grevious, Terrigno & Grevious Top Stories