Getting Ready for the 2003 Season!

Every college team has their own method and tradition of welcoming freshmen into the ranks of teammates. For the Black Knights, the A-Day scrimmage provides valuable opportunities.

Very often, the rite of passage for many has little to do with high school credentials. The telling factor at Blaik Field was seen through the leadership of, and acceptance by, the upperclassmen.

On a day when the New Cadets of West Point are recognized as Cadets (Acceptance Day), how appropriate it was to see many of the seasoned players step up in a leadership role on the football field during the A-Day scrimmage.

One example we observed was when talented freshmen WR, Walter Hill started the day off with a dropped pass. When Hill drops a catchable pass across the middle and cornerback, Delente Brewer grabs Hill by the jersey after the play and yells something at him. However, it wasn't trash talk, but words of encouragement. Hill says later that Brewer told him, "You know you can catch the ball, so catch it." After that, it appeared that Hill began to play with a greater sense of determination and focus. Another example was seen when Reggie Nevels screamed words of encouragement to his teammates, although at the time he was not the quarterback behind the center.

There were also moments when leadership was not verbalized, but demonstrated in action. None was more obvious than that shown by Ryan Kent, Odene Brathwaite and Mike Resnick, who caused havoc on the quarterbacks and running backs, as the defense showed the most flair during the scrimmage.

The A-Day scrimmage seemed to provide Todd Berry and his staff with enough ammunition to solidify the depth chart going into the upcoming season. Clearly the most anticipated decision will be at the quarterback position. We hope to hear an announcement later this week.

Tielor Robinson prior to the scrimmage. Top Stories