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Ahmad Bradshaw Still An Army Black Knights Player

It appears that Army quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw is still on the Black Knights roster after all. Following a 24 hour period of uncertainty, the junior signal caller was back at practice on Wednesday, picking up just where he had left off on Monday before abruptly missing a practice on Tuesday that sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

Ahmad Bradshaw missed practice on Tuesday because of an undisclosed Academy administrative issue. It is thought that issue revolved around Bradshaw missing a ceremony on Sunday where juniors take an oath to pledge to complete their final two years at West Point and committing to five years of active service following their graduation.

As Bradshaw was not affirmed on Sunday it seemed he was on the cusp of leaving the Academy just a couple of weeks before games begin. He has since pledged his commitment to the academy and its cause and now the focus can go back to running the Army offense this season.

Clearly, the whole situation was not ideal as the Black knights prepare for their opener on September 2 at Temple. When head coach Jeff Monken was asked about Bradshaw's return to practice he replied simply, "I'm not talking about it. There is no story."

The reply is one you would class as strong words by not particularly saying much. Bradshaw has been running with the Black Knights first team offense for the first two weeks of preseason and at this point he seems to have a step up on sophomore Chris Carter when it comes to who will be under center for the opening snap against the Owls. This is especially true as Carter had an ill-timed hamstring injury at the beginning of August that has seen his practice time be severely limited over the past couple of weeks.

Wherever the Army offense goes from here in 2016, Monken will be hoping that future quarterback changes are his decision, and not a result of procedure, policy, or young players struggling with heavy life decisions.

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