LTG Lennox's call a good one

Monday Army superintendent Lt. Gen. William J. Lennox Jr. fired Todd Berry as head football coach of the United States Military Academy. Assistant coach John Mumford was named interim head coach until a permanent successor is named. The Staff at applauds the move but wishes Todd Berry the best in the future.

Army's football program was headed absolutely nowhere. Five wins in 4 years. The Black Knights had gone three consecutive games in the 2003 season without an offensive touchdown. A bitter 58-12 loss to rival Navy ended the 2002 season.

Army fans deserve better. The future leaders of the world's greatest fighting force deserve better. Since Berry would not do the honorable thing and resign, Lennox made the best call in the interests of the Academy and the Army.

No leader likes to terminate a subordinate. General Lennox's decision was obviously a tough one. Sometimes tough calls have to be made for the overall good of the organization.

Terminating Berry will give the Academy a chance to go in a new, fresh direction. While the program still might not win a game in 2003, the search for a new coach can get in full swing and the adverse effect on recruiting can be minimized the earlier a replacement is made. Best of all, it gets the obvious over with. Now everyone, even Berry, can breathe a sigh of relief. applauds Lt. Gen. Lennox's move and wishes coach Berry the best in his future endeavors. Top Stories