Prospect Interview - Bo Olsen

We caught up with Bo Olsen who talked with us following an outstanding football season. Bo is considered one of the top linebacker prospects from talent rich New Jersey.

Not only does Bo possess the physical tools, but he is also a student of the game. He is the cousin of the Olsen brothers. Greg, freshmen TE/DE and Chris, sophomore QB at Miami and Virginia respectively.

1. I understand your team made it to the New Jersey State Finals. What was the outcome?

We went to the Central NJ Group III Championship. We were 10-2 on the year, and both of our loses were to the same team. We lost to them the first game of the year and in the championship game.

2. What other schools were you hearing from and did you have any other offers?

MAC Conference schools and all the Ivy League schools. I'm also hearing from Duke and Northwestern.

3. What impact, if any has the hiring of Coach Ross had on your consideration of Army football?

A lot. He called me couple of days before Christmas to get a chance to know him and reassured me where the football program is headed. One of my dreams is to become a doctor. So you are getting the best of both worlds. Playing Division I football, with an outstanding coaching staff and the academics of West Point

4. Have you scheduled an official visit to West Point yet?

I'm going this weekend. I visited West Point for the first time (unofficial visit) when Army played UConn early in September.

5. What is your actually height, weight and 40 time?

I'm 6'2" 230. My forty time is 4.65.

6. What position are you being recruited at?

Middle Linebacker, but I told Coach Ross that I would play where they needed me.

7. What linebackers in the NFL or College have you patterned yourself after?

None really, I just like to work very hard to be able to be the best player I can.

8. Your high school coach (Harry Chebookjian) described you as a coach on the field. You make every check for every formation and played a variety of positions. Your coach said, "Losing Bo, is like losing five players". How would you describe yourself and what part of your game do you feel is strongest?

I did play a bunch of different positions, although LB is my strength. I'm a real student of the game and I spend a lot of time studying film.

9. Aside from football, do you participate in any other sports?

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