Bo Knows Army!

Army head coach Bobby Ross picked up a commitment this weekend when Bo Olsen verbally committed to become a Black Knight. Bo is one of New Jersey's top linebacker prospects for the recruiting year of 2004. We caught up with Bo fresh off his official visit to West Point and we chatted with him about his decision to join the Black Knights of Army.

6'2" 230, ILB

Red Bank Regional HS (Red Bank, NJ)

1. How was your official visit to West Point

Bo Olsen: I just got back at 1:30pm today. It was great. We (family) got up there on Friday and they took us to the Thayer Hotel, which is right on campus. That night we (other recruits) went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant and I spent time with my host as well. On Saturday they took us on a tour of the campus and all that it represents. Saturday night we went out with the players.

Coach Ross was with me the whole weekend, and I spent time with Coach Tovar. This morning I met one on one with him (Coach Ross), along with my parents. He then gave me my offer from admissions and I accepted right there. My parents were really excited as well.

2. Who was your host during your official visit and what did you do?

Bo: Matt Maimone, who is also an inside linebacker.

3. What was the most significant factor that led you to pick Army?

Bo: One of the big factors was that many schools that have been recruiting me talk about character, but it is a way of life at West Point, and I was impressed with that aspect. Not just as part of the day to day on campus, but that it is part of Army football.

4. Do you see yourself as more of a run stopper or more of a blitzing type of linebacker?

Bo: Like I told Coach Ross, whatever and wherever I'm needed, that's what I will do. So if it's blitzing or run stopping, I'm there.

5. What is your favorite movie? Last movie you went to see?

Bo: I'm a football guy, so it has to be, "Program." Last movie huh? Hmmmm? It's been a while. The cost of movies in this area run about $11.00 or $12.00, so I wait until they come out on DVD.

6. Outside of football, what part of West Point life are you anticipating the most?

Bo: The emphasis on character and the academics.

7. Have you followed the recruiting of other players to Army?

Bo: After this weekend I know I will more so. The recruits that visited this weekend, we really bonded as a group. There were several that committed, so I will be checking the website to see who they all were.

8. Describe the perfect SportsCenter moment that involves Bo Olsen.

Bo: Being named captain of the Army-Navy game, and of course, beating Navy.

9. Congratulations on your decision to attend West Point and join the Black Knights.

Bo: Thank you for you time, I appreciate it. Top Stories