Army Transfer, #67 Sterling Doty Interview

Sterling Doty talks to regarding his transfer from Army to the Cougars.

"As soon as I heard that Coach Briles got the job in Houston I knew I wanted to leave the Academy and to come be a Cougar. I knew coach was going to turn this program back into something really special and I wanted to be a part of it. I have won two state championships with this system in high school and I knew that we were going to win with it here in Houston." - Sterling Doty

Recently, I got a chance to catch up with our newest member of the OLine, Sterling Doty, here's what he had to say on a variety of topics.

RS - Can you sense an extra buzz in Stephenville towards the University of Houston program with all of its ties to the Stephenville community?
SD - I can definitely sense an extra buzz going around in Stephenville about Cougar Football. Every time I go into a restaurant back home there is always someone wearing a UH t-shirt or hat. Everyone I know always has a few questions for me about how things are going in Houston.

RS - Would you say there is a large contingent of Stephenville people now supporting and/or coming to the games now?
SD - Last year there were about fifty people coming from Stephenville to all the home games, and that is not counting any family from the guys from the ‘ville. I can only imagine more will come next year.

RS - Can you tell us which one of our current coaches was at Stephenville during your varsity years and how many years were you on varsity?
SD - Coach Briles was at Stephenville all the way up until my senior year. Coach Clements was also my o-line coach, and Coach Montgomery was also the running backs coach throughout my stint at Stephenville High. Coach Shillinglaw was the head Athletic Trainer. I was on varsity for three years. I started two games my sophomore year, and was a starter my other two years.

RS - How long have you played in the system we are currently running here and how much has it varied since your high school days?
SD - I have really played in this system since 7th grade, so I guess this would make seven years going into this year. Coach Briles brought a few things from Texas Tech but really the coaches have just added more options to the old plays we used to run in high school.

RS - Which QB did you snap to in high school?
SD - I snapped for three all-state quarterbacks at Stephenville, which is phenomenal to think about. My sophomore year I snapped to Kelan Luker, junior year to Kendal Briles and senior year to Kevin Kolb.

RS - Do you feel your previous experience in the system has given you an added advantage on the line or the responsibility of being a leader for the offense? Are you able the help others familiarize themselves with the system better?
SD - I believe that my experience with the offense is a plus and it definitely gives me advantage on the line. I can remember when I came in last year during two-a-days that I helped all the incoming freshman o-line learn the offense because we started camp right where the team had left off that spring. The freshman did not have a clue what coach was talking about so I acted as an extra coach out there. This year the experience gives me the opportunity to help the veteran guys learn the system even better.

RS - Tell us who recruited you out of high school and why you decided to attend Army?
SD - All of the service academies recruited me, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Along with Northern Arizona and Northwestern Louisiana State which are two division I-AA schools. I choose to go to Army because I believed that the new coaching staff up there was going to turn around the program and it offered the best academics in the country.

RS - Please explain why did you decide to transfer to the University of Houston.
SD - As soon as I heard that Coach Briles got the job in Houston I knew I wanted to leave the Academy and to come be a Cougar. I knew coach was going to turn this program back into something really special and I wanted to be a part of it. I have won two state championships with this system in high school and I knew that we were going to win with it here in Houston.

RS - What are you currently majoring in and what are your ambitions following school?
SD - I am majoring in Sports Administration with a minor in History. I plan to coach when I am done playing football. I love the sport and just can not get away from it.

RS - What are your summer goals to improve yourself as a player and to be better prepared for next season, and take us through your daily routine of preparations if you would not mind.
SD - My summer goals are to get stronger and faster. I work out every morning with the team at 8am, which includes lifting and running. After this, the o-line gets together and we do offensive line drills and then I snap with the quarterbacks.

RS - At what point during the summer, if at all, do you begin looking at film on rice or any other team on the schedule, to start preparing for what you will see and who you will match up against?
SD - I looked at film all summer, but I have just recently started looking at Rice.

RS - Being familiar with Army, what would you instruct the team to be prepared for against them and do you think your insight on their program will help our game plan for the match up?
SD - Anytime you have an advantage over an opponent you want to use it. So I can help our team prepare for Army because I know all the players.

RS - Can you explain what it is like to have the opportunity to play in the same system and with some of the same players/coaches from high school?
SD - It is really unbelievable. Kevin, John, Kendal and I sometimes just say man who would have ever thought that we would have ended up playing at the same university under the same system as high school.

RS - What are your current strength numbers like ht, wt, bench press, squat etc.?
SD - I am 6'3 305. I can bench around 350 and squat 625.

RS - According to your stats, you have gained approximately 40 lbs since arriving on campus, can you describe how you have done this through diet and workout, and have you been able to maintain your quickness and explosion at the line of scrimmage with this added weight?
SD - I came in during camp last year weighing around 290, so I have actually gained around 25 pounds. I have put on this weight by lifting, running, and eating properly. I feel as quick off the line as when I was 260 back in high school.

RS - One your former teammates at Army, LB Todd Cox has signed to play football here, are you familiar with him and can you explain what you feel he will bring to the table as a player?
SD - Todd and I were good friends at Army. Todd is a very smart football player. He is fast, strong and he will be a great player for us this fall.

RS - Please explain what the team's goals and expectations are heading into next season.
SD - The team's goals are to win every game we play in. We are not going to be afraid to line up and play anybody. We have really had a great off-season. We are a family and we all care about winning and winning for each other and all the Cougar faithful out there.

RS - Do you ever read, and if so, what are your thoughts of it as a source of fan information/interaction?
SD - I read CoogFans sometimes, but not a lot. I believe it is a great resource for the fans.

RS - Are there any final words you would like to say to all the Cougar fans out there?
SD - Houston Cougar football will take over Houston. I want the stadium filled every time we play at home and you will not be disappointed.

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