talks with VA Lineman

Daniel Pulley (6-3, 250, 5.1 40) is a fine line prospect from Atlantic Shores Christian School in Virginia Beach, Va. Daniel had some good things to say about the United States Military Academy. Daniel thanks for visiting with us. We understand that you've excelled on both the offensive and defensive lines at Atlantic Shores Christian School in Chesapeake, Va. Which position on the offensive line do you see yourself playing in college ball, guard, tackle or center?
Daniel Pulley: While I enjoy defensive line more than offensive, in college I do see myself playing center. I have started at guard for four years now on varsity and did play a little center, but for college purposes I will be playing center full time this year. What schools are primarily recruiting you right now?
Daniel Pulley: The other schools recruiting me right now are Hofstra, JMU, Richmond, and VMI, although none have offered yet. We understand that Army has been actively recruiting you. What are some of the things you like about Army and who on the Army staff has been in contact with you?
Daniel Pulley: I feel that going to Army would give me an excellent opportunity in life to pursue whatever my career choice would be. I know i probably won't be playing in the NFL so the first thing I'm looking at is education and Army is second to none in that category. Also, there is the aura about playing Army football that intrigues me with the 3 national championships, the rivalries, and a lot of other things that just make it stick out. The coach I keep in contact with is Coach Harden, the special teams coach which is pretty cool because I also long snap. He is a very nice man who I enjoy talking with. If you had to decide today, who would you say is your leader and who would be your second and third choices of colleges?
Daniel Pulley:My leader right now is honestly Army. Something pretty nice would have to come through to change that. My second choice would be James Madison and third would be the University of Richmond. Describe some of the things you like about James Madison and Richmond.
Daniel Pulley: JMU is a gorgeous college up in the mountainous part of Virginia. It's in state. One of my dad's best friends went there and is always telling me how great it is. The girl to guy ratio there is like 5-1 with four of those five girls being gorgeous. Richmond is also an in-state school with a great education just like JMU and also has a gorgeous campus. You finished your junior season earning 2nd Team All-State Honors, what are your goals for your upcoming senior season?
Daniel Pulley: In my junior year I finished 1st Team All-State on defense and 2nd team on offense. The year before it was vice versa but this year I want to bring home first team on both sides of the ball so I am working this summer with a personal trainer and am working harder in the weight room than ever before so I know I'm going to dominate. Daniel, is there anything else you think our readers might be interested to know about you?
Daniel Pulley: This past golf season I was all conference. I am captain of the football team. I tore my right ACL in the State Championship game, which we won for our second in a row, of my sophomore season. Played basketball for school until knee surgery, now I just play for fun. Daniel thanks for your time. We wish you the best of luck during your senior season and in your choice of colleges.

Daniel Pulley: Thank you. Top Stories