Houston Coach Talks about Army Game

University of Houston head coach Art Briles met with the media and talked about the upcoming Army game. <i>From University of Houston Releases.</i>

"We're very excited about starting conference play this week. We've been through a couple storms and we're ready to part the clouds and go into clearer skies. We've been tested, we're being tested and we're ready to respond. We're survivors; that's what we have to be. We've been through some tough times, but now we're going to turn them into good times and we need to start this Saturday against Army."

"I think he (Anthony Evans) will be fine. He just wasn't 100 percent the other day. He was probably about 75-80 percent, and that's (Oklahoma) not a good game to be 75-80 percent in. We needed people on the field who were 100 percent."

"They (Army) have a lot of Texas kids on their roster that will be coming back to Texas, and New York is a long way from here. They will be very excited to come back here and play. That's the thing about Army, that jumps out at you...those guys honestly play as hard as any team I've seen in the last four to five years. I'm talking about every snap, every play, regardless of what the situation is. Whatever they have, you are getting. And to me, that's how you're supposed to play the game. And how they get that entrenched into their players, and overcome all that they have been through, is really phenomenol to me, and I have a lot of respect for their players and coaches."

"We're in for a war this weekend. We know it, our players know it and our fans should know it. They (Army) can play and all they are waiting for is that one opportunity."

"Of course, all we have is that one film. They are pretty much tthe same defensively, as he (Ross) retained the same people. Offensively, just looking at this game (Louisville-Army), quite a bit more running than last year. They are very sound, well-coached, everything you would expect from a man who has been in the profession that long. Any adjective that quantifies good coaching, they (Army coaches) are doing. So we just have to mirror it as much as we can."

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