New Mexico star headed to Army talked with future Cadet Nic Sabellico. Sabellico is a running back/ defensive back from powerful New Mexico Military Academy. Nic will be attending the United States Military Academy Prep School in the fall.

In 2004 Nic Sabellico rushed for 682 yards on 56 carries and had 17 touchdowns. This in an option offense that featured two other runningbacks who gained over 1,000 yards. A two-way player, Sabellico also excelled at defensive back garnering 68 tackles, 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery. What are some of the things that attracted you to the Academy? What position will you play at the Academy?
Nic Sabellico: The Academy is the best place for me. I have attended New Mexico Military Institute for two years now, and I feel that being in a strict military environment is best for me. I also want to become an Army officer. I played running back here, and strong safety. My coach believes I will end up playing defense when I get there, but as of now, I am recruited for the running back position. What schools recruited you the heaviest? Which one offered you?
Nic Sabellico: Being in a smaller district of New Mexico, it was hard to get people to notice me. A few colleges send some letters but nothing to official and no offers. A few D-3 colleges back home (Massachusetts) seemed pretty interested but the Academy was the school I wanted to go to and recruited me the most. Did you visit the Academy?
Nic Sabellico: I took a tour of the Academy, and I have a few friends up there now. There were no real official visits but since then I have talked to Coach Miller and he is setting up a tour. What were some of the postseason honors you received (like All-district, state etc)?
Nic Sabellico: I received for my senior year the awards of All-District running back, second team defense for the secondary, second team All-State running back, and Most Inspirational Player award from the other teammates. What's your max bench, 40 speed?
Nic Sabellico: My max bench is only 285 and that was last summer. My 40 time is a 4.57 which was also last summer (2004) Will you go straight to the Academy or will you go to the Prep School first?
Nic Sabellico: I will be attending the Prep School first. What other sports did you participate in during high school?
Nic Sabellico: I have participated in wrestling for two years and track for four years. Did you talk to coach Bobby Ross?
Nic Sabellico: I have not talked to coach Bobby Ross. I talk to coach Miller pretty often.

Nic Sabellico.

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