New Years Resolutions for Army Basketball

As 2005 draws to a close, and the Patriot League opener draws near, here are some New Year's resolutions that some of our Black Knights may be making to hopefully give Army its most successful Patriot League campaign in a long time.

Matt Bell - Resolution to stay healthy and continue to lead the Black Knights on the court. This co-captain is clearly Army's best player and could even see all-Patriot league honors, though he may be marked by the opposition, and it will be interesting to see how he handles it. Continued success, Matt.

Colin Harris - Resolution to continue to provide offensive production down low while getting even tougher defensively. Harris won the Columbia game not only with his last-second 3-pointer, but was clearly the best Cadet on the court that evening. Harris' continued development will be a key to a successful Patriot League season as the competition gets tougher.

Jarell Brown - Resolution to get and stay healthy. This sophomore was clearly developing into another offensive weapon prior to going down with an injury in early December. It's no wonder the only game Army has won since his injury was against lowly New York Maritime. Army needs a healthy Jarell Brown if it hopes to get out of the cellar.

Marshall Jackson - Resolution to improve his shooting. Marshall is really a nice player, becoming the first guard since George Tatum to grab at least 10 rebounds in a game. Marshall plays extremely tough defense and is a good ballhandler, and his continued offensive development will only help Army that much more.

Cory Sinning - Resolution to get more playing time. Cory was a key contributor last season. He has received less playing time so far in the pre-season, but continues to provide instant spark off the bench with his intensity and hustle.

Dan Borcherdt - Resolution to get more playing time as well. This "cool as a cucumber" freshman has looked very good in his limited minutes. He clearly has good range from the outside and does not get easily rattled under pressure.

Grant Carter - Resolution (see Sinning and Borcherdt). Carter played quite a bit last season, and had some very productive offensive outings. He has rarely seen the court so far this year, but when he comes in, he is deadly from the outside. A veritable weapon that might be used more when Bell is being marked by the opponents.

Corban Bates - Resolution to get more respect for what he does. Corban has a real nice inside game. He did not see a lot of time last season, only playing in the last couple of games, but showed he could produce. He is probably the best rebounder on the squad and has a nice touch from about 15. His contributions often go unnoticed.

Jimmy Sewell - Resolution to get more foot speed and confidence. This tall center led the team in blocked shots a year ago, and potential abounds when speaking of Jimmy. He even has a nice touch from the outside, but must gain strength and foot speed to challenge the formidable big men on the other Patriot squads.

DJ Jemibewon, Doug Williams, Kenny Brewer - Resolution to gain more experience and confidence. These 3 freshmen definitely have some athletic ability and some basketball skills. They will clearly need to make contributions to help Army on the inside. Fans should be patient--- they have showed some signs, and just need more experience to continue their ascent.

Erik Engstrom - Resolution to see some more playing time. Erik is the only senior on the squad and first recruit from the Jim Crews era to play a senior season. Erik probably does not figure prominently in the Black Knights' plans this season, but does give some size and always hustles when he is in the lineup.

Coach Crews - Resolution to have patience and continue to develop the young squad. It has been a difficult 3 years for Coach Crews. His record has been poor in the Patriot League, but his team is primed for its best yet under his regime. Coach Crews is a solid fundamentals coach, who definitely has certain rotations he likes to see in the game on offense and defense. He does have a tendency to "ride a hot hand" which can help, but also leaves other players "abandoned" on the bench for extended periods of time. This year looks to be a transition year where Army should improve upon its previous best of 3-12 during his regime, and another good recruiting year could lead Army to the upper echelon of the Patriot League before long.

Army fans - Resolution to come out and support the Black Knights. This includes the other Cadets, cheerleaders, pep band, parents, Academy personnel and friends. While the crowds have been generally supporive, Christl still seems like a "friendly" place to play for the opposition in comparison to other venues in the area. Let's come out, cheer our Black Knights on, show them the support they deserve and give the opposing squad a reason to dread coming into Christl.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year! Top Stories