Interview: LB Andy DiEugenio

Andy DiEugenio is a an outstanding linebacker from State Colllege, Pa. who is headed to West Point. talked with DeEugenio about his recruitment to Army and his play on the field. Andy, talk to us a little about the whole recruiting process, from the time you first heard from Army until you signed with them.
Andy DiEugenio: It started off last spring. They started sending me some letters, just normal recruiting letters. At the time I really didn't know that much about the Academy but I followed up with the letters and I found out more about the program. I took a visit in June, it was like a junior day visit for prospects and that's when I really got a feel for what the Academy was like and what it was about and I started getting serious about the recruiting process with them. Throughout my senior season they were talking with me quite a lot and before my first game they had given me a letter of assurance for admission. I hadn't made up my mind yet but I went to the Baylor game and midway through my season I took an overnight stay and I stayed with Evan Leach, he's a plebe Cadet there from this local area so I got to talk to him a lot about his experiences. It was really great seeing everything about the Cadet's life and the football program is run and how Coach Ross and his staff are turning it around. I think that's what really sealed the deal, that overnight stay. Talk to us about your play on the field. What are the strengths of your game?
Andy DiEugenio: This past season I was used as both an inside linebacker and outside linebacker. We ran a 4-4 scheme. My strength on the field, I think I have a nose for the football. I'm not going to back down from anybody. As far as my weakness, I think I definately need to work on my shedding ability, to shed blockers and get off the ball. That's always a tough thing to accomplish. Tell us about some of your postseason honors.
Andy DiEugenio: As far as the football team, I was awarded the leadership and athletic award for the team. I received a nomination to play in this All-County, All-Star game but I turned that down because I did not want to risk any injury that would hurt the admissions process for West Point. I was third on the team in tackles with 73. I was a three year starter at my high school and I was the Captain of the team. So your forty speed is 4.75?
Andy DiEugenio: That was on a track but it wasn't an official time. How about your bench press?
Andy DiEugenio: The max, it was over the summer, it was 255. That was a legitimate weight. Are you going to the prep school or straight to the Academy?
Andy DiEugenio: I'm going straight to the Academy. So what have they told you about how you are going to be utilized at Army?
Andy DiEugenio: They haven't talked too much about whether I'm going to be used as an inside or outside linebacker. I'm still not sure. What are your thoughts as you get ready to attend the United States Military Academy?
Andy DiEugenio: I'm really looking forward to it. I know it is going to be a great challenge. I just hope I can help them out in whatever way I can. This isn't something I'm going for just for the football. It's definately the opportunity to serve the country first and football is clearly second. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Good luck. Top Stories