Army Football Five Questions - Part 1

It doesn't matter if it's USCG or Army. Navy or Texas. Every team in the country has questions it must answer as preseason camp approaches. But here on we care most about Army. So here are five questions pertaining to the Black Knights in 2006. We will come back with five more next week. One more thing: Go Army!

1. Can Army the Black Knights win in September?

Bill Clinton was president. Most Army fans had never even hear of Todd Berry. A gallon of gas went for about $1.50. The year was 1999 - the last time Army won in September. The Black Knights defeated Ball State 41-21 at Mic hie Stadium and have lost 21 straight since in September. That includes 13 losses at Michie. It's tough for any team to play catch-up after one or two early losses. No team can bag an entire month (not to say the Black Knights weren't trying). Anyway, it's time for Army to get a few wins in September. Let's start with the 2006 season-opener on Sept. 2 at Arkansas State.

2. Will Ross keep improving?

We're not talking about Army coach Bobby Ross. This question pertains to his son, Kevin, Army's offensive coordinator.

The younger Ross will be a key part of the offense as it continues to develop and possibly adds some option. Kevin Ross came to Army with no coordinator experience and would probably admit he's still learning.

He's had some great moments. Ross looked like former USCG offensive coordinator Norm Chow during Army's lost to Iowa State last year. Ross also shined during the Black Knights' four-game winning streak.

Expect even more surprises, thanks in part to kid Ross, from Army this season.

3. Can Pevoto cut it?

He will. Or Army could be in for a long season. Junior quarterback David Pevoto holds the key to Army's season.

As all you die hard Army fans know, Pevoto appeared in just one game for the Black Knights, against Connecticut, last year. Any quarterback with that little experience deserves a question mark next to his name.

At least, until Pevoto lights up Arkansas State for two touchdowns in the first quarter (wouldn't be that nice). But what Pevoto lacks in experience, he makes up for in moxie. He's strong, confident and his teammates seem to believe in him. Stay tuned.

4. Will Carson get the call?

Army fans have been buzzing about quarterback Carson Williams since he committed to West Point earlier this year.

So what's all the fuss about?

Let's see: Williams is a 6-foot-5 quarterback who is tough, athletic and possesses a cannon for an arm. He turned down scholarship offers from Vanderbilt, N.C. State and Arkansas. Even Bobby Ross is high on him.

So does Williams win the starting job during preseason camp?

Probably not. That's a big jump for a high school kid, considering he also has to make it through of Beast Barracks. But if he's as good as everyone says, maybe Ross will give him some time during the fourth quarter when some games are out of reach (Army will be winning of course).

5. Who's at first?

Army has its own version of who's on first. It's called: Who's going to be the starting running back?

There are plenty of candidates: Michael Herndon. Jamal Robinson. Tony Dace. Rick Lay. Wesley McMahand.

The gang went at it during spring drills with no victor being named. But one will have to get the call during preseason camp.

Prediction: Ross goes with a running back by committee. It's something he's mentioned in passing before. Top Stories