Army Football Memo

Army strong safety Caleb Campbell and free safety Jordan Murray are two players whose abilities should be recognized. Here's a friendly memo to Army's 2006 football opponents warning of the capabilities of these two fine players.

From: staff
To: Navy and Air Force
CC: Army's 10 other 2006 opponents
Subject: Campbell and Murray

Dear 2006 opponents,

Hope you all had a wonderful offseason and that your preparation for 2006 is coming along nicely. We are writing this letter to inform you that Army might have two of the best safeties in the country this season.

Our coach, Bobby Ross, even said so himself. As you know, coach Ross isn't one for hyperbole. But that's how much he likes strong safety Caleb Campbell and free safety Jordan Murray.

So tell your quarterback, running backs, wide receivers to expect to feel the pain this fall. As you probably know, Campbell, a 6-foot-2, 222-pound junior, led our Black Knights with 97 tackles last year. He finished ninth in the nation with 0.45 interceptions per game.

Campbell's five interceptions were the most by a Black Knight since Kenny Dale Rowland registered five picks in 1998. Campbell is one of 42 players named to the preseason Ronnie Lott "watch list", given to the nation's top defensive player.

"Caleb is probably the best athlete on our team," Ross says. "He can cover a lot of ground, but he's also a good hitter. He has great hands. Caleb continue to develop and improve."

That's scary, but even scarier could be his counterpart in the secondary. You might not have heard of Jordan Murray, but, trust us, he will make a name for himself this fall. To be honest, Ross expected Murray, a 6-foot, 203-pound junior, to make a splash earlier in his career.

He didn't. But Murray made up for it with an impressive spring. He was selected as one of the defensive co-winners of the most improved award and had our fine coach beaming all spring.

"Jordan Murray has made a phenomenal jump," Ross says. "Boy, did he elevate his game this year, to the point where, quite honestly, I think we have two safeties that can play with anybody."

We hope opponents don't take offense to this letter. realizes that the Black Knights have a long way to go to reach our ultimate goal of a winning season. We respect all of you and know that you all are tough opponents. We certainly have our hands full.

At the same time, we cannot be held accountable for any pain our two guys, Campbell and Murray, inflict on your quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, mascot or cheerleaders (just kidding on the last two).

Here's to healthy 2006. We wish you the best of luck in 2006 and look forward to competing against each of your fine institutions. One more thing: Go Army!

Respectfully, staff

P.S. The rest of the defense is pretty darn good, too. Top Stories